Overcorrected - But Showing Some Progress

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Overcorrected - But Showing Some Progress

Postby overcorrectedjw » Wed Jan 30, 2008 3:29 pm

:) As of my last post (1-1/2 weeks post lasik), my overcorrection had worsened to +2.0 in each each. When I went today (3 weeks post lasik), I was sure that my vision had improved - both up close and distance vision. While everything is becoming clearer, nothing is quite in focus. When I asked the surgeon about the extent of the regression, he mentioned slight improvement. As he didn't offer a number, I asked. He said it is now about +1.0. (It seems like my prescription is a guarded secret.) When I asked whether my eyes might regress fully (to plano) on their own, he mentioned that it's possible. He indicated that if they didn't he could easily correct them with an enhancement procedure. He gave me a pair of contact lenses to wear (day/night) for now. It's nice to see clearly again. I'm typing without readers - it's wonderful. I see him in five days. I hope that my vision continues to improve and to avoid corrective lenses and enhancement. Trying to stay optimistic.
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