Had LASIK a week ago

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Had LASIK a week ago

Postby PlainJane8350 » Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:40 pm

I had LASIK a week ago tomorrow and I reccomend it. I haven't had any complications and my eyes weren't really uncomfortable at all. I mean, contact dryness is worse. The first day they felt funny, but I couldn't really feel it because I think they were still numb. I'd experience dryness when I'd wake-up, but I'd just put my drops in. If I ever felt like there was something in my eye, I'd put a drop in and it'd be fine. Sleeping with the goggles is a little awkward and the no eye make-up thing sucks, but no pain or even discomfort, just realized I'm a little vain. I can see fine, too, haven't notice any problems with my vision at night either. Now when I had to wear my glasses for 10 days, I did notice some halos with the lights at night, but not with my new eyes! I went to several different places for consultations, I do reccomend that. I even went back to the surgeon that I ended-up having my LASIK with for a second consultation. If you want it blade free like I did, make sure that they mean 100% blade free, I started realizing that people said blade free, but they still cut the flap with a blade. I went 100% blade free mostly because the thought of a blade slicing my cornea off freaked me out, but I hear it's less precise than a laser, too. Still, I know people who had it done 10 years ago with a blade and they're still happy, they just had some night vision problems for a while. Hope this helps!
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