Lasik - Feb 6th

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Lasik - Feb 6th

Postby SpuTTer » Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:03 pm

Had wavefront lasik yesterday evening at 4pm. It's 2pm now.

My perscription was low -3's in each eye with a 060 and 100 astigmatism.

They used a Allegretto WaveLight laser with wavefront optimization.

My pupil size was 5.9 and I believe they set the laser zone to 6.5.

Got two perfect flaps and everything feels great so far.

I went into my followup appt this morning with my Optometrist and so far we're looking good. Left eye came in around 20/15 and the right eye was a little worse but I could read the 20/20 line ok but it was a little blurry.

I can read the 20/20 reading test that they put in front of you.

Very excited so far. I was really worrieda bout the flap cutting and everything and it all went very smooth so far.

I realize it's not even 24 hours after surgery but Im gioing to stay on top of my drops and hopefully everything works out. It would be nice if they right looked as good as the left, the left looks perfect!

Very hopeful!

Willing to answer any questions! This forum was very helpfull for me when I was considering.

I have video and pictures that I'd be willing to share if people were curious about any part of the procedure.
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Postby Chow Yun Fat » Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:15 am

Good for you!

I too had the Allegretto.
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Postby SpuTTer » Fri Feb 08, 2008 9:48 pm

almost a full 48 hours post surgery and my left eye is still doing great. I'd never even know I had surgery on it except that I can see perfectly out of it!

I wish the right eye would be the same, but I cant complain too much yet! The right eye is till 'hazy' / 'burry'. I can still read with it pretty well but it's noticable. And I dont know if it's just because I cant see as well, but if "feel" a little different too. Could just be the vision difference.
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Postby SpuTTer » Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:26 pm

Had a 5 day checkup yesterday.

Left eye test showed perfect 0 diopter.

Still having some issues with my right eye. Blurry and not crisp. We noticed some lack of contrast in the right eye as compared to the left.

Right eye tested with an Astigmatism of -.5 diopter. (I had -1.25 before).

Doc said the left eye had healed great and she could barely see the cut. However the right eye 2/3 looked good and the 1/3 on the far right side looked like it was healing slower.

I believe that to be an area where the surgeon had some issues getting the flap back in place.

I'm assuming and hoping that the astigmatism will get better as possible swelling issues and such are resolved over time. Obviously it hasnt even been a week yet.

I'll see my doc again in another week and I'll keep posting updates. Very happy so far!
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