myopic lasik, change in dominant eye, help!

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myopic lasik, change in dominant eye, help!

Postby lboogie » Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:04 am

10 weeks post lasik....

I got my records from my pre-surgery evaluation. It indicates that my left eye is my dominant eye. I'm not sure how that was decided, but I am very much right eye dominant, when I do all the tests on my own now. And even thinking about in retrospect I'm pretty darn sure I have always been right eye dominant, looking though door holes and the like.

Did my dominant eye change? Is that bad? Could that be causing me strain and focusing and convergence problems? My current residual perscription with dialation is .+5 in both eyes -- plano with no dialation.

I have 2 appointments next week one with my surgeon and one with another doctor. I very freaked out right now, did they screw up and indicate the wrong dominant eye? And if so, would that be causing me accomodative/ convergence problems?

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