Accidentally touched my eye. 2 weeks post Lasik.

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Accidentally touched my eye. 2 weeks post Lasik.

Postby amigo » Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:47 am

Hello everyone.

I'm 2 weeks post microkeratome Lasik. I accidentally touched the surface of my eye with my finger while cleaning my eyelids. How would I know if that caused wrinkles in my eye? If I caused microstriae will they go away? Do I have to make an appointment with the doctor (he just reviewed me before the "accident") before the three months that I'm supposed to wait before the next meeting?. I must also say that I have a little ghosting in that eye at many different distances, but it has been like that since Lasik and going a little better everyday. Now I can't really tell if it got worse or not, or if it stopped getting better.

Thank you, I'm very upset about it.
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