Bathory's Update

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Bathory's Update

Postby bathory313 » Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:33 am

Ok, so!

8 months post-op now; and am having just very minor issues.

The good news first--I passed the eye test for renewing/updating my driver's license! I was a bit nervous about that part.

Now, for the minor vision is fluctuating wildly from month to month; I am still seeing the doc for follow-up visits monthly. Last month I was back to 20/40 and 20/50ish; this last visit (February) I am again at 20/20 and 20/25.


The doc said she saw a vast improvement in the dryness (which was severe at one point) and also an improvement in the inflammation. She had put me on a drop called FML, which I understand is a steroidal drop which penetrates the eye and can affect the pressure within and other things. The FML cleared my vision nicely, and I was sorry when she took me off of it. She explained she couldn't leave me on that for any real length of time.

I then got an infection on the eyelid of my left eye, which necessitated Blephamide ointment.....which cleared it up in no time flat. There was no serious sign of infection; but the eyelid was tender in the eyelashes and it looked a bit inflamed.

This month she has put me on a drop called "Alrex", which helps to clear my vision a great deal but not as good as the FML.

I seem to be having issues with indoor allergies at this point. When I'm having sinus headaches and such, guaranteed that my eyes will be blurry that day, also. Taking an allergy medication makes my eyes dry out, which makes them (take a guess!) BLURRY!

Can you say "Catch 22?"

All in all, I told her that I am quite happy with the results of the Lasik surgery I had, considering where I started from. I'd be thrilled to the gills if I could get the 'mucousy' goings-on in my eyes cleared up, though. These teeny bottles of eyedrops at $40 a pop can hit a budget hard. It's almost as if I'm having an over-production of what is often termed "eye snot" :lol: ; that stringy, clear mucous that collects in the corner of your eye.
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