diagnosed with DLK Sands

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diagnosed with DLK Sands

Postby arlighet » Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:39 am

I had lasik a month ago. When I got home I could feel that the flap in my right eye was loose. It would stick to my eyelid every time I blinked. I called the surgeon’s office and told him what I felt. He told me it was probably only the drops I felt, that if my flap was loose I would either have double vision or not be able to see at all. I let it slide and after I had slept a few hours it seemed ok. The next day however I was diagnosed with the sands, DLK level 1 by my optometrist, in the same eye. 1st day I was given steroids (pred forte) every hour, 2nd day every 2 hours, 3rd day 6 times a day. 5 days later I saw the surgeon again who told me to only take the drops 4 times a day. 5 days later I saw my optometrist again who found no significant improvement and put me back on the drops every hour for 2 days and then every 2 hours since. A few days later they also put me on Nevanac drops 4 times a day in addition to the Pred Forte. My optometrist seems to think there’s slight improvement in some areas, but not much, and I notice no difference in my vision. Still hazy.

2 days ago I saw the surgeon to see if he wanted to lift the flap to clean it out. He said that cleaning it out might not help much and told me to stop all drops for 2 weeks, saying that if the drops worked they would have cleared it by now. He wanted to see how it improved on its own. I stopped the drops for 2 days, but when I saw my optometrist again he seemed to think the eye had gotten worse and put me back on Pred Forte every 2 hours + Nevanac 3 times/day. My pressure has been stable. At 11 or 12 every visit, so the Pred Forte hasn’t had much effect on me, but I’m confused as to who to listen to. My surgeon and optometrist are communicating, but their messages to me are conflicting. My Surgeon, who’s listed by New York Magazine as one of the best in New York tells me to stop the drops, but he also seems generally unconcerned, and my Optometrist who’s much younger, but has seen me 3 times a week since my surgery wants me to take drops every 2 hours. Hoping someone will be able to give me more insight into this. My vision is hazy, but I can live with it. If it gets any worse it will be difficult. I don’t feel comfortable taking these drops (that can cause glaucoman and who knows what else forever.
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Postby Pappy » Sat Feb 23, 2008 5:14 am

My thougths go out to you.

The steroids "control" healing rates and the glaucoma effects are treatable and temporary. As to who you should listen to? Personally I would go with a corneal specialist, this would mean neither your optometrist nor you surgeon.

That would mean a third opinion and I would see some one who was specifically (and associated with a major university and not primarily a lasik surgeon) a corneal specialist and then go from there.

I wish you the best of luck.
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