Help! PRK and starbursts (anyone with similar experience?)

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Help! PRK and starbursts (anyone with similar experience?)

Postby dreamer1107 » Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:20 am

I had PRK done on both eyes a year ago and had a lot of lasting starbursts (my worst complaint), halos, and some ghosting. I had a high prescription (over 7 each eye, nearsighted) and apparently very large pupils--lucky me.
I just had an enhancement done on one of my eyes and I'm a little over 2 weeks out. I'm having starbursts, a little bit of double vision, and halos in lower light at this point (and a little bit of distorted daytime vision). I'm extremely skittish about these symptoms, due to my experience with the first surgery--I'm really scared that the enhancement hasn't fixed my multiple problems. I've read a lot of posts where the double vision, halos, and ghosts eventually went away (and were often due to edema and dry eyes). My bigger concern is has anyone had large starbursts right after surgery that eventually went away?
Can starbursts be caused by edema and dry eyes, too, or is this a symptom of some other problem (that I may be stuck with)?
Any input would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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