Had Custom PRK on 2/15

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Had Custom PRK on 2/15

Postby slim » Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:26 pm

Well, I can finally move over to the “Just Had It” section as this past week just completed my PRK procedure on both eyes.

After several months of research, etc… I opted for PRK, some of the history behind this... I went to the same place for several screening, all of which stated I was a candidate for LASIK, until the last scan I had in which they stated LASIK wasn’t the way to go and PRK was the option. After researching PRK I decided that it was the option I’d like to go with regardless mainly due to eliminating any issues with the flap created in LASIK, I also then opted for another opinion from a highly recommended doctor in my area. Interestingly enough he stated I was a candidate for both and didn’t understand why the other facility said LASIK wasn’t an option. Regardless, I went forward with PRK from this surgeon and have been happy with the results thus far. My daily progress thus far below…

Day 1: Friday

The day of the surgery was pretty uneventful and the typical story from many of the posts. We did a custom wave scan that morning in which he stated excellent readings were obtained so we’re going to move forward with Custom PRK, which he felt had the potential to give me that little “extra” in the end results. The area around my eyes were cleaned, prepped and was given some numbing drops, also the typical valium was taken. The longest time spent was sitting in this dark room adjacent from the laser room. The surgeon eventually came in, gave me another drop in each eye and then put two marker marks on each eye. I was then led to the laser room to start the process. The clamps were put on the top and bottom of my eye to keep it open and then he applied a circular device to my eye which I believe made a small incision on my epithelium (no alcohol solution was used), he then used a small knife like device to remove the epithelium (approximately 6-7mm worth). I was then asked to focus on the red light in the laser, typically clicking started and had to last less than 20 seconds… mytomycin patch was then applied for 10 seconds and the area flushed with cold solution (seemed like a full water bottle worth!). 3 different drops were then applied and the contact put into place. The whole process was repeated on the second eye and total time had to be less than 10 minutes… I was told everything went excellent and was led to the waiting room to where my wife was and simply told “see you tomorrow!”.

I noticed the change in vision immediately and had no real pain during the whole process… We stopped for lunch on the way home and once home applied my first round of drops (which a total of 4 times daily). This consisted of zymar, pred forte and acular ls as needed for 24 hours. I then chilled in the bedroom with my audiobooks and rested. That night was pretty uneventful, didn’t have any significant pain. Vision was very functional.

Day 2: Saturday

I had a follow-up appointment with the surgery early Saturday morning. I applied the drops in the morning and took two advil as I had a very slight burning sensation… closest I can describe this is when you have your eyes open for a long time and close them they burn initially for some time. The office visit was straight forward, they tested my eyes and my right eye was 20/20, left was blurry in general… was interesting how this changed as the day before my left eye was better (and actually the better of the two eyes prior to surgery). The surgeon looked at my eyes, said they were healing great (4-5mm opening .vs. the 6-7mm one created the day prior). I was sent home and had my next appointment 3 days later to hopefully get the contacts removed. Went out for breakfast after the appointment, visited the in-law, came home and rested for the rest of the day and relaxed with audiobooks… As the day went on I had some random pain; mainly burning sensation when eyes were shut and found that I was less and less able to keep my eyes open for any significant time.. took a couple advil, pain on a scale from 1-10 probably a 2… nothing really uncomfortable. Also noticed vision started to fluctuate. Continued with the drop regimen minus the Acular LS.

Day 3: Sunday

Vision really went south this day, was seeing double out of my left eye and really didn’t have functional vision… pain is about the same although very sensitive to light as expected. Spent the majority of the day in the dark bedroom listing to audiobooks (thank God for iPod). I eventually took one of the prescribed pain medications (percs) and found that took the end off and made it easier to open my eyes… It was a pretty uneventful day and just chilled.

Day 4 Monday

Upon getting up in the morning noticed that the sensitivity was pretty much gone and had not problems keeping my eyes open. Vision was pretty crappy however and blurry in general. The pain pretty much subsided, I did have a slight stinging in my right eye but advil managed that fine. I did noticed that as the day progressed my vision was clearing as well… by the time I went to bed I had pretty decent functional vision at that point. Continued the drop schedule, then went to bed.

Day 5 Tuesday

No pain on this day and noticed by vision was significantly better… it was also the day I was scheduled to have my contacts removed. I went to the office and was given an eye test which I easily tested off at 20/20 with both eyes… reading test was perfect in the left eye, probably two lines worse in the right. I then saw the doctor which looked at the epithelium and confirmed everything looked good and was healed. He then put some dye solution in my eyes and removed the contacts ~ which promptly regressed my vision… although not significantly however as I was still able to drive without major issue. I was told to continue my drops (zymar and pred forte) for 4 times daily for the next 3 days and then stop them all together… I commented on stopping them completely and he confirmed yes to do so, no need to taper off of them. This was actually one the differences I noticed with this surgeon and something I questioned… he had stated with the drop combination at surgery time and the mytomycin allows him to stop the drops sooner, which he prefers as keeping people on the steroids drop for long durations could have issues as well. He’s the surgeon, not me, so I didn’t question it further. Was told to make the next appointment 3 – 4 weeks out. Any case the rest of the day was uneventful… vision fluctuated throughout the day, was good getting the contacts out. The one thing I had a little concern with was that going out at night it looked somewhat “hazy” out, which my wife confirmed it wasn’t. I’m hoping this goes away with time.

Day 6 Wednesday (today)

Vision has somewhat regressed from yesterday… distance and reading… I still have functional vision and is better than I had prior without glasses, but obviously not as good with glasses. I expected this being only 6 days out and is typical while the epithelium smoothes over. Have to have patience with PRK.

Overall thus far I’ve been blessed with pretty straight forward healing, little pain or complications thus far and have seen what my end results can potentially be. Only 6 days in don’t regret my decision and would do it again… I still have a ways to go in terms of end results but I feel confident thus far that I’ll eventually get to where I’ll be very happy. I’ll post more updates in the next week or if anything significant occurs prior… Thanks to everyone on this board for the feedback as it’s been very helpful during the process… please also forgive spelling or grammar issues as my reading vision isn’t the best at the moment!!

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Postby slim » Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:00 pm

Well, I'm approximately 16 days out... I think I've had pretty much some of the typical recovery with PRK and been trying to be patient as there are ups and down in terms of vision.

I was taken off my steriod drops about a week after the surgery, two days later I noticed poorer vision and some discomfort. I call the dr. which saw me that day. He looked at both eyes, right eye said the epithelium had a small lip of the side which should smooth over (only a 8 days out at this point). Left eye said it looked smoothed over nicely.. then noticed he was spending some extra time looking at it. In the end he said it appeared that I had some very slight haze in the left eye. Didn't really seem concerned and said that it was slight and does not believe it's something that would require treatment and should clear in time. Put me back on omnipred for 2 weeks, twice a day first week, once a day second week, then come in for another visit.

My question is are there other things that cause haze and is it accurate that it'll clear? What concerns me is that I had a relatively low error (glasses; R -2.50 -1.25, L -1.75 -1.25) so figured haze would have been very unlikely, also to add I had mytomicin as part of my proceedure as well (10 seconds per eye), 1000 mg of Vit C for weeks prior and after... and STILL managed to get some hint of haze?

Outside of that, I've had no real major other issues... a little dry on the right eye, but that's about it.

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