a week after lasik: left eye very blurry any distance,help!

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4-weeks Post Op

Postby AgeRebel » Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:40 am

Had my 4-week Post Op and things pretty much the same as at 2-weeks. The doctor said my left eye has improved from 20/40 to 20/30 but I can't honestly tell it has. Vision is still blurry compared to right eye which is still good at 20/15.

Looking for more specific explanations I didn't get any more than the usual "its still too early to tell", "it could take up to 3-months sometimes more", and "common to have one eye heal much slower than the other". Doctor did say my eyes were "healing fine" although a bit dry but not so bad that further treatment or plugs were necessary other than to continue my Restasis drops (told to expect it to take effect only after 2~3 moths on use). I do notice an improvement in the comfort with eyes although still not 100%.

Statistically, is my left eye vision likely or unlikely to improve any further?

I understand that its difficult to tell exactly how long it will take, but everyone I've spoken to who have had Lasik seem to experience vision stabilizing after 2 weeks and the worst case 30 days (consistent with experiences on this Forum) and mine is now beyond that...
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