Wavefront lasik one week ago

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Wavefront lasik one week ago

Postby chrysalide » Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:46 pm

Hello everyone. I want to share my wavefront guided lasik experience one week ago. I’m 22, I had myopia of -3.00 in both eyes with 0.25 astigmatism on my left eye, I had relatively small pupils(don’t know the exact dimensions but I had to order custom contacts for the contacts each time) and I had been using soft contact lenses for 8 years. My doctor who was recommended by many friends and well known in my country told me that 97% my vision would be improved to 0.25 – 0.50 myopia after the procedure, told me I would have no problems with starbursts etc. as those problems were in the old procedures.

The surgery was problemless and I passed the first night with minor stinging. The day after my vision was pretty good(although a little blurry until I had the nerve to clean them), and when I went for my check up, I was told the right eye was fine and the left was overcorrected for 0.50 hyperopia. (but told it would improve over time). I noticed after the check-up that had subconjuctive hemorrage in both eyes under my eyelids, when I called my doctor panicked about seeing it, he told me it was normal and would disappear in 2-3 weeks. (They have already healed well in a week)

In the first week, the only problems I’ve had were minor blurriness in dim light(when I first enter the place, after that I guess either it gets better or the brain adjusts), intermediate halos and starbursts at night for distant objects(hasn’t affected my driving but enough to make me uncomfortable in very low light conditions), tired eyes at night when i spend too much time behind the screen, with prescribed lubrication (flax seed oil tablets for one year, tears natural free for 1 month) no dry eyes, not to mention the “oh no I slept with my contacts” reflex when you wake up in the morning. :)

My advice is to keep in mind that while searching to get information about lasik the experiences of a person who has had a worse outcome is more likely to be found instead of the person who had less complications as they have less motivation to write about it(kind of the point why I’m writing this), while of course statistics that represent the condition of people after an eye surgery should never be evaluated on the same scale as “68% of the people that we asked believe that they work in a stressful environment” surveys.

Hope it has been helpful.
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:25 pm

Helpful indeed! Yes, most people who have good outcomes are not likely to post about it very often. A success is what is expected and is unremarkable. Thanks for your experience thus far.
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