Intralase on 3/14

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Intralase on 3/14

Postby mcastle146 » Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:29 pm

Ok. I might be jumping the gun here posting a question just 4 days post op but my left eye is making me nuts.

I don't know all my prescription stuff except that my lenses were around a -7.0 with a major stigmatism in my left eye.

I had the intralase done on Friday morning. My post op seemed okay except for some dry patches. However, ever since maybe Sunday, my left eye is having some issues. Its definitely not as clear as the right but I'm not sure that is the problem. Its more like I have something in my line of sight. I don't have the problem when driving but its more like a little cloud or circle of light somewhere in my left eye...its less of a problem when I close my right eye. I called the dr today and he said to put more rewetting drops in it because it could just be the dry patch.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I'm in my last week of work before I start a new job and its very distracting, especially since I'm not sure this is normal or not.
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Intralase on 3/14

Postby mcastle146 » Tue Mar 18, 2008 9:29 pm

I think I've realized what's making me also feel constantly conscious of the eye is that my lower left eye feels like its twitching/throbbing a bit and the feeling is extending down to the very top of my cheek toward my nose (the sinus region??). I also am still getting the feeling every so often of the foreign object in my eye. Does this sound like a problem or normal still for Day 4 -5 post op??
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:56 am

It is enough of a problem that your doctor needs to check. It is common to have a one-week checkup after Lasik surgery. Make a list of your questions, concerns, and symptoms so your doctor is able to address all the issues.

You started with a relatively high refractive error. Some difficulties during the healing process should be expected, but this does sounds enough out of the ordinary that you need to have your doctor verify what is happening.
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Postby mcastle146 » Wed Mar 19, 2008 8:23 pm

Thank you for your very quick response. I tried to go to the lasik center and spoke to the dr but they are not there again until Friday and he said that my condition sounded "normal".

However, to play it safe, I went to see my regular opthamologist today whose office is well known for lasik (but just was MUCH more expensive). Anyway, they saw me and said that there was no corneal infection, the flaps looked good and no PLK (or somethign like that). He noted that I saw 20/30 in my right eye and 20/50 in my left eye (20/30 with pinning) and the machine said the same for my right eye and my left eye as 20/50 with .75 stigmatism. He called their lasik expert and she said with my large refraction error to begin with that this may take up to 30 days to see results. He also gave me special lubricating preservaative free drops for the nighttime. I will follow up on Friday with the lasik center.

The problem is that I must be having eye strain because I feel very disoriented. If this is the best I can get until an enhancement in 3 mo, will I adjust to the difference and learn to function in the meantime? Also, what is the reason for the increased vision due to the pinning...he said the light is more focused but why would that improve my vision?

Thanks so much in advance for thoughts on this... I start a new, challenging job in a couple weeks and need to be totally focused by then.
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Postby armyvet » Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:05 pm

I went through hell and crying for the last week. I had intralase on the 15th of march a day after you. I know that when I feel the sen sation of foreign object in my eye I gota put drops in and that takes it away. I bought TheraTears preservative free drops. They work fine with me. I still have trouble adjusting from short distance to long distance but today is the best day I've seen since my surgery. I am very impatient and I have to work as well and is hard to have patience. I can recomend another thing: find something to keep you positive, LAUGH. That is what I did when I got to this site, I laughed and I kept on laughing to boost my spirit. God has to have time to work on your eyes too. PRAY. Ask everybody to pray for you too. When there is nothing else you can do, miracles do happen. God Bless you! Keep the Faith!
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