PRK enhancement done ONLY for night vision problems...?HELP!

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PRK enhancement done ONLY for night vision problems...?HELP!

Postby dreamer1107 » Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:55 pm

hello all once again

I am now in my 6th week after having an enhancement done to correct my starbursts, halos, and other weird light related issues from my first surgery. I just went in for my follow up this week, and feel even more confused and frustrated.

Before my first PRK surgery, I never saw starbursts at night (and no noticeable halos as far as I knew). I had PRK initially performed about a year ago and thereafter had so many night vision issues, my indoor and night vision has been more than unpleasant for me.

My follow up doctor (not the surgical doctor) did a number of tests and found the spherical abberation to be about 10 times of what was "normal" measures (in the "40's"?). He felt that this was the cause of my new night vision issues. I had a high prescription (about 6.5 diopters or so both eyes) with very mild astigmatism. I've measured my pupils in low light and they seem to fluctuate from 6-8mm (depending on how tired I am).

I had an enhancement done "out to 8mm" per my doctor, with wavefront technique to minimize any abberrations. So far, I am having just as many starbursts, etc. as before--and some weird daytime issues as well. I can "see" the 20/20 line easily on the chart, but can't see a face clearly across a small room except for the 1-2 seconds after putting in a lubricating drop (before it is blinked out of the eye). However, the doctor didn't note any excessive dryness (and I obsessively put in preservative free eye drops).

He seemed puzzled that the starbursts aren't improving week by week, but told me to wait until 3 months out before starting to worry. The big thing that scared me is that he said this surgery should have taken care of the problems, so if it doesn't improve that it might be due to me "healing with increased abberrations" (being a weird healer I guess?).

Anyone know of any cases where someone had all of these problems 6 weeks out with no change in starbursting, but somehow improved after this point? I'd feel better if I saw even minor improvements week by week, but so far no changes since week 2. (he said no haze in my eye and no obvious swelling)
So confused and scared!
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