Epithelium healed unevenly 1 month after LASEK

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Epithelium healed unevenly 1 month after LASEK

Postby theodore » Sat Apr 05, 2008 1:45 am

I had LASEK done one month ago on one eye and althugh I've seen a large improvement in my vision, it remains 20/40 with an astygmatism. I saw my doctor a couple days ago and he got a wavefront scan which showed uneven healing of my epithelium. Basically, there is one part of my cornea which has clumped up epithelium and the remainder is smoother. My eye was -8.0 with an astygmatism preop, and my vision hasn't changed in the last 3 weeks. It remains blurry with significant starbursts at night. It actually appears to have regressed a bit. He has had me put on a soft contact to wear for the next few months. He said he hopes it helps 'smooth' out the uneven contour, but that I may need a revision if it doesn't work.
Has anyone heard of this? I've scoured the posts and haven't found this before. I was nervous about haze, so this is a new one to me! He did say it is completely treatable, but it makes me a bit nervous since it's been several weeks without any real change for the better. Any input is appreciated!
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