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Lasik News Library

News articles about Lasik laser eye surgery in reverse chronological order.


Incidence of Nearsighted Vision on the Rise

New study shows the percentage of Americans with myopia increased 66% since the 1970s.   

Spend FSA Dollars on Lasik

Lasik laser vision correction is approved by the US Internal Revenue Service as a medical procedure that may be paid with tax exempt Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA) contributions.   

Few Complications With Laser Lasik Flap

Femtosecond laser Lasik flaps resulted in complications in less than 1% of eyes that underwent the surgery, according to a study published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery.   

Lasik Tax Deduction

Getting Lasik before the end of the year may allow the cost to be deducted as a medical expense from 2009 income taxes.   

Lasik Clinic Closed: Now What?

Patients of Lasik ProVision in Dewitt, a community in upstate New York were surprised to find the medical office closed without warning or explanation, yet another reminder that Lasik patients need to select their doctors carefully.   

Lasik Safer Than Contacts? Sometimes

A controversial claim that Lasik is safer than contact lenses has been re-evaluated with less conclusive results.   

Depth Perception Unchanged with ReSTOR

The ReSTOR multifocal intraocular lens often used to correct both distance and near vision in adults does not affect ability to perceive distances, according to a study published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery.   

FDA Seeks More Comments on Lasik

Agency extends deadline for submission of public comments on popular laser vision correction surgery.   

Lasik Safe on Cornea: Mayo Clinic Long Term Study

Lasik and PRK laser eye surgery to reduce the need for glasses does not harm the cornea according a long-term study reported in the November Archives of Ophthalmology.   

FDA Taps Navy Pilots for Lasik Quality Studies

Navy aviators to participate in patent quality of life study after popular laser eye surgery.   

Lasik Centers Warned to Report Complications

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to 17 Lasik centers citing poor complication reporting systems.   

Half of Contact Lens Wearers Suffer Complications

A new UCLA study indicates half of contact lens wearers will experience a complication, some vision threatening.   

FDA to Docs: Talk About Lasik Limitations

After multiple Lasik advertising complaints, the FDA has told Lasik doctors to talk about limitations and risks.   

Predicting Successful Lasik Monovision

The role of age, sex, and eye dominance predicts monovision success.   

Long-Term Study Says PRK Safe

Nearsighted vision correction with Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) declared stable and safe in new report.   

FDA Responds to Lasik Feedback

The US FDA has responded to patient experiences with LASIK and how to improve information for patients.   

FDA To Hear USAEyes Lasik Patient Survey

The FDA will review results from the USAEyes Competence Opinion Relative to Expectation (CORE) Lasik patient survey.   

Eye Surgeons More Likely To Have Lasik

Survey shows US eye surgeons about four times more likely to have had Lasik or similar vision correction surgery.   

FDA To Review Lasik Quality of Life

Joint task force with ophthalmic and medical organizations to review patient quality of life after Lasik.   

Actress Beckinsale Cheers Lasik

Film star advocates after successful Lasik.   

95 Percent Lasik Patients Satisfied: Study

An analysis of over 2,000 medical studies indicates over 95% of Lasik patients are satisfied.   

NASA Approves Bladeless Lasik

Custom Bladeless Lasik has the "right stuff" for U.S. astronauts.   

LeBron Picks USAEyes Doc For Lasik

Cleveland Cavaliers star player selects Lasik doctor certified by nonprofit patient advocacy.   

Quality of Life After Lasik

Multi-university study finds Lasik satisfaction even with large pupils.   

Eye Tracking Improves Lasik

Study shows eye tracking during laser eye surgery especially important for astigmatism correction.   

Poll: 75% See Web as Most Trusted Source for Lasik Research

New survey shows websites not affiliated with a specific company preferred.   

USAEyes Lasik Patient Advocacy Website Gains HON Accreditation

Lasik patient information meets Health On the Net Foundation requirements for usefulness and reliability.   

Monovision Lasik Approved by FDA

Already common monovision Lasik to reduce the need for reading glasses is officially approved by FDA.   

USAEyes Recommended by Congressional Report

Patient advocacy website USAEyes named "reliable Web source of information about LASIK".   

Free Lasik For US Soldiers

Laser eye surgery a priority for Special Forces; glasses considered a danger.   

FDA Issues Visian ICL Warning Letter

FDA issues warning letter after inspection of clinical trials for approval of new Visian ICL and review of adverse effects of current ICL.   

MoisturePlus Contact Lens Solution Recall, Again

Previous recall due to bacterial infection, most recent recall is due to higher risk of infections.   

Lasik Okay For Pilots

US military pilots previously restricted to PRK may now have Bladeless Lasik.   

LasikPlus Lifetime Warranty Prompts $48.9M Revenue Loss Restatement

SEC concerns lead to restatement of revenue and earnings due to Lasik chain's Lifetime Acuity Program concerns.   

Lasik Results Improved Says Patient Advocacy

Analysis of many studies affirms more people see well without glasses after the popular laser eye surgery.   

Lasik Patient Advocacy Selected for New Federal Disclosure Program

Program to provide automated access to Lasik doctor malpractice and sanction information.   

Lasik Stable for Very Nearsighted

Doctors in Greece report Lasik patients corrected for high myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) vision may remain stable 11 years after the popular laser eye surgery.   

Recall of ReNu MultiPlus Contact Lens Solution

Voluntary recall of 12 lots of Bausch & Lomb ReNu MultiPlus contact lens solution. No patient problems reported.   

New Bladeless Lasik for US

Zeiss receives FDA approval for femtosecond laser to be used for Bladeless Lasik.   

Mold Forces Recall of Systane Gel Lubricant Eye Drops

Voluntary recall in US and Puerto Rico due to particles identified as mold.   

First All Laser Lasik Performed on US Naval Aviator

US military pilots are restricted from Lasik due to extreme conditions, however Bladeless Lasik is being evaluated.   

Lasik Price and Quality Concerns Raised To Congress

Subcommittee on health hears expert discusses inconsistent Lasik price offers, misleading advertising, and quality differences   

ReNu with MoistureLoc Contact Lens Solution Fungus Final Report

Contamination not the cause, however MoistureLoc formula with poor compliance may have contributed to fungus infections.   

Lasik and PRK Stable: 10 Year Study

A study of Lasik and PRK patients 10 years after surgery indicates stability and safety of the popular laser eye surgeries to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.   

FDA Recalls Generic Pain Reliever Often Used After Lasik

Metal fragments may be in 500mg acetaminophen caplets of store brand Tylenol alternatives. Brand name Tylenol products not affected. Lasik Patient Advocacy Reaches Top 10 of top 5

Lasik patient advocacy website has attained top 10 natural Internet search engine positioning at all five of the most popular search engines for the highly competitive "Lasik" search term.   

Lasik Safer Than Contacts

University Eye Institute compares study data indicating complications worse with contacts than laser eye surgery.   

Repeat Lasik Much Less Likely

Ophthalmologists have developed a formula that slashes by nearly two-thirds the likelihood that patients will need repeat visits to an eye surgeon to adjust their vision after their initial LASIK visit. That is because the formula makes it more likely that surgeons will get it right the first time.   

Allegretto Wavefront-Guided Laser Joins Already Approved Wavefront-Optimized Offering

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved WaveLight's wavefront-guided procedure, a LASIK treatment approach that combines the Allegro Analyzer with the 200 hertz Allegretto Wave excimer laser.   

Better Lasik Outcomes After Soft Contact Lenses

Study shows small but distinctly better Lasik outcome for patients who wore only soft contact lenses.   

No More Puff In The Eye

FDA approves pen-like device that measures pressure inside the eye through the eyelid and without touching the eye. Simplifies test for glaucoma.   

Patient Advocacy Issues Advisory to Prostate Patients Considering Lasik Alternative

Patients who are using Flomax for treatment of prostate enlargement and are considering Refractive Lens Exchange - an alternative to Lasik laser eye surgery - need to notify their eye doctor they are taking or have taken the drug, according to the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance (CRSQA,, a nonprofit patient advocacy.   

Medical Societies Issue Advisory to Cataract Patients Taking Prostate Medications

Three medical societies today advised patients taking certain drugs to treat prostate enlargement to inform their eye surgeon about these medications before undergoing eye surgery. These drugs can potentially cause complications during cataract surgery.   

Contact Lens 'Wear and Care' Program Launched by Bausch & Lomb

Multifaceted program promotes eye health with free contact lens cases, free contacts, and detailed contact lens use education.   

Thinking of Lasik? Treat Dry Eye First

Lasik will often cause temporary dry eye symptoms. Residents of communities known for dry eye should be evaluated for the chronic condition as a part of the decision about Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, PRK, LASEK, or Epi-Lasik.   

Getting Lasik To Save Lives

US military expedites laser eye surgery for troops being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, citing risk of contacts and glasses in battlefield.   

Big Changes in Internet Searches for "Lasik" After News Reports of Contact Lens Cleaner Problems

Lasik internet search activity drops immediately after news of fungus related problems with contact lens cleaning solution.   

Oprah Features USAEyes Lasik Patient Advocacy Organization

Insights on current Lasik laser eye surgery strengths and concerns are contributed to the popular women's publication by USAEyes founder.   

Better Vision After Listening to Mozart

Study published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology shows listening to Mozart improves vision test scores.   

Online FDA Approved Glaucoma Test Now Free

FDA approved test performed at home computer is 90% accurate at detecting the first indications of glaucoma - a "silent" degenerative disease of the optic nerve.   

Flying Eye Hospital Visits Canada Before Saving Sight in Africa

The world's only Flying Eye Hospital stops in Canada for a Goodwill Visit to help raise awareness and funds to fight blindness in the developing world.   

Trials Support Wavefront Lasik For Farsighted

Bausch & Lomb's Zyoptix hyperopia study indicates good results with custom wavefront-guided Lasik, Visx already approved.   

FDA Can't Find ReNu-Fungus Connection

A preliminary inspection of Bausch and Lomb's Greenville SC manufacturing plant fails to find connection between the once popular contact lens solution and a recent outbreak of eye infections.   

Lasik May Be Appropriate Where Normally Contraindicated

A new study published in the April issue of the medical journal Ophthalmology indicates that patients with systemic diseases that are traditionally listed as relative or absolute contraindications may have Lasik safely and with predictable results.   

Foundation To Give Free Lasik To Quadriplegics

Nationwide Lasik doctor organization provides Lasik laser eye surgery for free to help quadriplegics gain greater independence.   

Improve Appearance With Surgery to Treat Depression

A controversial new study indicates that cosmetic procedures such as Botox and possibly Lasik may be valuable treatments for clinical depression.   

Alcon's AcrySof IQ IOL Designated as a New Technology Intraocular Lens

Designation will allow Medicare beneficiaries to select the advanced technology intraocular lens for an extra fee.   

Do-It-Yourself Lasik A Hoax

Patient advocacy issues advisory about website advertises home kit for popular Lasik laser eye surgery.   

Lasik Laser With Online Safety Check

New modified Schwind ESIRIS excimer laser system determines progress of laser during surgery with constant measurement of corneal thickness to assure accurate results.   

Bausch & Lomb Pulls ReNu with MoistureLoc Permanently

In a public letter, Bausch & Lomb's Chairman and CEO Ron Zarrella announces that the company has permanently withdrawn ReNu with MoistureLoc from the market, with no plans to renew production.   

From Legally Blind to Fighter Pilots

US Navy cadets at Annapolis are using laser eye surgery provided by the military to qualify to become fighter pilots and advance their careers.   

Alcon LADAR6000 Laser Gets FDA Approval for Lasik

Alcon, Inc. announced today that the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its LADAR6000 excimer laser with high speed ablation for use in Lasik and PRK refractive surgery for patients who are nearsighted, farsighted, and have astigmatism.   

Lasik and Marijuana, A Cannabis Point of View

A detailed analysis of peer-reviewed medical journals leaves open the question of whether or not cannabis is problematic with the popular Lasik laser eye surgery, however indications are that...   

Mayo Clinic Says Bladeless Lasik Results Same As Conventional

Mayo Clinic study comparing femtosecond (bladeless) and mechanical microkeratome LASIK surgeries has found equal results from both types six months post-surgery, using a variety of vision and eye health measurements.   

FDA: No Plans To Recommend Action On Other Bausch Products

Although other Bausch and Lomb contact lens solutions have been used by patients struck with rare fungus, FDA says no heightened concern.   

PRK Holds Correction At 13 Years: Study

A detailed study presented at ARVO 2006 shows that PRK does not regress and presents no ocular problems.   

Study Reports Eyeglasses-Related Injury Significant

A comprehensive study of emergency room incidents involving eyeglasses-related injury finds interesting results, including that women are more likely to suffer harm.   

Magazine and Youth Center Partner to Create "A Beautiful Day"

Lasik and other doctors have agreed to donate 100% of their fees for one day to raise more than $200,000 for Colorado youth center.   

Menopause Linked Dry Eye and Lasik Outcomes

Among the many symptoms endured by menopausal and peri-menopausal women is dry eye, a condition that, if left untreated, may lead to increased risk of infection or visual impairment. However, a recent survey...   

Study Finds Lasik and PRK Outcomes Equal

Two popular laser-assisted surgeries to correct nearsighted vision - Lasik and PRK - are equally effective at restoring 20/20 vision six months to a year after the procedure, concludes a review of recent studies.   

ReNu Contact Lens Solution Fungus Infection Concerns

People who wear soft contact lenses may be at increased risk for a rare but serious eye infection. Known as Fusarium Kerititis, the infection could cause permanent vision loss if left untreated. More than 100 people in the US have been diagnosed...   

UK's NICE: Lasik Safe, But Not On National Health System

Laser eye surgery should not be routinely offered to patients on the UK's National Health Service, but is safe and works well enough in selected cases according to the latest guidance issued by...   

Adults Not Shy About Cosmetic Surgery; Lasik

In an era of rising out-of-pocket costs for healthcare, a small but slightly increasing minority of U.S. adults are opting for expensive invasive cosmetic treatments that are not always covered by medical insurance, according to the results of a new Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive Health-Care Poll.   

FAA Approves Use of Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) for Pilots

Ophthalmic device manufacturer Refractec Inc. announced today that the Federal Aviation Administration has established the protocol for airplane pilots wanting to reduce their dependence on glasses by having the NearVision CK (conductive keratoplasty) treatment. Lasik Website Exceeds 3 Million Visitors

The website of the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance recently welcomed its 3 millionth visitor. "A noncommercial website achieving this level of success shows the high demand for detailed and objective information about Lasik and other laser eye surgery techniques," says Glenn Hagele...   

Medicare Approval of Multi-Focal Cataract Lens is Boom for Seniors, Surgeons, Lens Makers

The announcement by Medicare on May 3 that beneficiaries now may choose a cataract replacement lens that corrects close, intermediate and distance vision, rather than just the lens for distance vision correction, has caused excitement among senior citizens, eye surgeons and certainly at the companies that makes the approved intraocular lens (IOL).   

New Medicare Policy Allows Seniors Access to Crystalens

Eyeonics, inc. today announced that the Crystalens procedure can now be privately purchased by Medicare beneficiaries. Crystalens is the first and only FDA-approved naturally focusing (accommodating) vision-correction lens replacement for adults with cataracts and presbyopia.   

Medicare Sets Policy To Reimburse For Presbyopia Correcting IOLs

This Ruling sets forth CMS policy concerning the requirements for determining payment for insertion of presbyopia-correcting intraocular lenses following cataract surgery under the following sections of the Social Security Act (the Act)...   

British Evaluation Of LASIK Falls Short, Says Patient Advocacy

An international patient advocacy organization says the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) interventional procedure guidance report of the popular laser eye surgery LASIK released today is more likely to cause confusion than to help advise patients and clinicians.   

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