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Fast scheduling

Postby ellroy2 » Tue Jul 31, 2007 6:47 am

I went in today for the first time to talk about getting Lasik. They took some pictures of my eyes and the doctor made it seem like I would not be a hard case at all. My perscription is -1.50 in both eyes and I am 25. She scheduled me for a week from today to get the screening where they dialate my eyes and then said on that wednesday(a week and two days from now) I could be scheduled for the procedure. Is that pretty common to be able to fit me in that fast? I would think there would be a pretty long waiting time. Maybe they are just trying to get me in before I go see another doctor? Will the screening determine how good of a canidate I really am? I really didn't get as much information this first time as I would have thought. I was feeling pretty good about getting Lasik done until I found this site and have been reading alot about people's problems from it.
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Postby LasikExpert » Sat Oct 20, 2007 10:43 pm

It is not surprising that many of the posts in this forum are from people who are having problems after Lasik. People who get the result they expected just go on about their way and have no need to research further. If you follow the postings of the patients here, you will find that most eventually report their problems resolved.

The vast majority of vision correction surgery patients are satisfied with thier results. Our organization's evauation of medical studies have shown that about 3% of refractive surgery patients (all types of surgery, all types of patients) have some sort of unresolved complication at six months postop, with about 0.5% being serious complications that require either extensive maintenance or invasive correction.

The actual time required for all tests, evaluations, analysis, treatment plan, and informed consent for Lasik is about one-half a day - including the patients', technicians', and the surgeons' time. After this is completed the decision about surgery and scheduling can be accomplished. Your clinic may have had a cancellation or added a surgery day to their schedule, allowing you to have surgery quickly. They may be a low volume facility and normally do not have a waiting list.

Although it may be possible for you to have surgery relatively quickly, you need to take whatever amount of time you personally require to make your decision. That may take a few seconds or many months, even years.
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