Checking out my options

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Checking out my options

Postby rustyisle » Tue Sep 18, 2007 8:45 pm

(Sorry for the long post...lotta info).

After 25 years of glasses, I'm starting to look into vision correction surgery. I've done the basic research online (this site and others) as well as had the chance to speak in person with a couple of folks that do the procedures.

The Facts: 33 yrs old, male. Near sighted (can't see things past a foot or two), Glasses measurements came out to be -9/-10 (dont have the paperwork with me) I was born cross eyed, but had surgery to correct it at 12 and 18 months, I do occasionally have a 'lazy eye' effect, but it's not something that's proven bothersome in the past. I am an active person (bike regularly and do some jujitsu and other outdoor activities).

For sounding boards I've used my brother (a twin with just slightly better vision then me) had Lasik done about 5 years ago. He's very pleased with the results, even if he has a few minor after effects (occasional halo, a starburst once in a while). I've also had the resources of my wife, who is a family physician and used some of her contacts to get me more information.

Thus far I've managed to talk to two clinics that perform Lasek.

Clinic 1 is a large surgery center, they hold Lasik/Lasek seminairs once a week. I did not get the chance to talk to the doctor who would be performing the procedure, instead the seminar was hosted by the doc who does the prep work. He did a basic slideshow which showed how the procedure is done, etc. Their clinic does multiple types of things (cataract surgery, prk, lasek, clear lens extraction, etc). For Lasek they use 'CustomVue' and do that on every patient. They perform surgeries twice a month and average about 10 patients a day.

I spoke with the fellow a little bit after words and asked a few questions. What was the worse result
you've had? (Nothing serious that I can think of, a few touch ups here and there). How many people do you turn away (He couldnt give me a percentage, he believed it was extremly small, probably single digits). Why CustomVue? (We found that it reduced the number of issues down to 1-2%. We do it on everyone). How long have you been doing this (the head doc has been doing Lasik/Lasek for 7 years).
The doc stated that he believed my eyes would not present any problem (with cross eye issues and -9/-10). Lastly the cost was $4000 total.

Clinic 2 is a eye doctor in the area that came highly recommended to my wife. He's part of a larger hospital (Chief of Opthomology or whatever it is), but sort of runs his own little practice in association with it. I actually had the chance to speak with him in person. He's been performing Lasek since 1999 (he switched to it after finding he felt is was the better option).

The main difference here is that he does NOT use the CostumVue wave mapping. In his opinon it's not actually necessary for Lasek, but Lasik it is (He claimed that the blade going across the eye caused slight imperfections which the wave mapping can help correct). His statement was that Wavemapping can be helpful in some situations, but most places try to pass it off as a way to earn more money (He did tell me if I wanted to, he'd be happy to charge me more for it). Of some of the questions I asked:

He has performed thousands of these (since 99). The worst situation he has had has been one person who came back after 7 years for a touchup (an older lady who started having regression). He turns away roughly 50% of the people who want the procedure (mostly older folks who are inelgible. He has performed the procedure on people with as much as -12 and believed mine should present no problem even with cross eye issues). Lastly the cost was $3000.

I was also able to find a lot of information about this fellow online, he's quoted in numerous medical journals.

There's two more clinics in this area that I have investigated, one being a like Clinic 1, but they do Lasik only (if I book before the end of September I get a discount, heh), the other being a one doc operation, however his web site touts Lasik, only two spots mention Lasek. I also can't find any information about him online (journals, etc).

Opinons, insite, comments anyone? I'm not in a rush to get the procedure, I can wait a couple months.
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