opinions please

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opinions please

Postby rentallady » Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:27 pm

Hi I’m Donna,

This is my first posting as a new user although I have been lurking for the last few months. I am seriously looking at Lasik eye surgery and have been reading/investigating this for the past 5 months. Anyway, on Friday I went for a consultation and this is what they found :

Right eye –4.75+0.5x142 cornea thickness is 508, left eye –8.75+3.25x118 cornea thickness is 514. Both pupils dilated are 5.5 The treated area will be 6.5

Apparently after the surgery, I will have a right eye cornea thickness of 311 and a cornea thickness of 304 in the left eye. I’ve read some comments elsewhere which say that you should not go with lasik if you are over a –10 and have a remaing cornea thickness of under 275. I’m 39 in good health with no eye problems, but after 25 years of wearing glasses am fedup with them. I know that lasik carries risks, but with what I have been told I am leaning towards having the sugery done in both eyes.

I’m also thinking about monovision.

What do think about my situation?

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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:34 am

Your right eye is well within the treatment parameters and does not (from the information you have provided) pose any obvious problems. Your left eye is highly myopic and with significant astigmatism. It is reasonable to expect some regression after surgery and/or deliberate overcorrection to accommodate expected regression.

The corneal thickness numbers you provided must be the untouched portion of the cornea. About five decades of experience has shown that a healthy cornea will remain stable if at least 250 microns of tissue remain untouched (a few exceptions, of course) and that more is always better. The no greater than -10.00 and no less than 275 are good rules of thumb, but are not cast in stone.

At age 39 you are probably not greatly suffering the effects of presbyopia. Monovision may be uncomfortable, but you can know for sure by trying monovision with contacts for several weeks before making your decision.
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