Lattice Degeneration nad LASIK

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Lattice Degeneration nad LASIK

Postby java_45 » Mon Nov 12, 2007 11:04 pm

Hi Glenn,
I have been considering Lasik for the past 6 years. My optometrist doesn't recommend I do lasik because I have lattice degeneration. I am 45 years old and now presbyopic. My lattice degeneration hasn't gotten worse for the past 5 years and I have no hole in my cornea. This my prescription:
OD -7.50 -2.00 (cyl) 170 (axis) +1.52 (ADD)
OS -8.75 -1.00 (cyl) 180 (axis) +1.52

I did some reading on this site about lattice degeneration and I become discouraged. Should I go ahead with the lasik or is PRK a better option for me?

I went to see different optometrist. She mentioned that I will have to use reading glasses right after the surgery if my eyes are corrected for distance. She suggest that if I go through with this, to undercorrect my eyes so I can hold off wearing reading glasses. Is that true?

Thanks you,
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