Want surgery but have ocular torticollis, astigmatism, etc

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Want surgery but have ocular torticollis, astigmatism, etc

Postby sunnied304 » Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:08 am

Hi, I'm a 24 yr old female who is apprehensive about possible LASIK surgery. I went for a consultation and was told that I was a candidate for custom LASIK with interlace and using restasis prior to and following surgery.

Concern #1: I have large pupils and had some dry eye sypmtoms when I (unsuccessfully) tried wearing contacts. I currently have plugs in my eyes. The surgeon said that interlace and restasis has really helped with dry eye and customized has improved night vision symptoms.
Concern #2: I have an astigmatism bilaterally - although I was told that both eyes are within a correctable range.
Concern #3: (BIGGEST concern) I had muscle eye surgery as a 6 month old. My right eye still "turns or drifts" occasionally when I'm tired. My exam revealed that my right eye is my dominant eye and takes over the left with distance sight. During the cover/uncover test, my left eye would rotate - the doctor called it ocular toritcollis. Now, he said because I've never had symptoms of double vision and have no prism in my glasses, then it was not a concern for surgery. I know that LASIK corrects vision - not the eye muscles, but is it possible that my rotating left eye could be a problem during the surgery?

I've worn glasses all of my life and would like to have the surgery, but I know I'm not the textbook candidate and so I'm worried. Sorry for the lengthy message, but does anyone have any insight/experience with my condition(s) (particularly concern 3)? Thanks!
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