Standard Lasik or CustomVue Lasek.

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Standard Lasik or CustomVue Lasek.

Postby Blindbat2007 » Thu Nov 15, 2007 7:57 pm

I just had my exam to determine if I was a candidate for Lasik surgery.
I do not have thin corneas and have been considered a candidate for both Lasik or Lasek.

My prescription is -4.00 Right eye and -4.25 Left eye.

Do I have a better chance at getting 20/20 choosing the Lasek over the Lasik? Can anybody tell me the typical results? I understand the risks associated with the flap. I also understand the difference in recovery times. I guess I'm looking to see if it's worth the longer recovery time if I have a better chance at 20/20 or better with the Lasek. Or, are both procedures going to produce essentially the same corrective result?
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