Pre-Op Lasik Questions...

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Pre-Op Lasik Questions...

Postby HydeInFL » Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:30 pm

I hope this isn't too long of a message. Thanks in advance for your replies.

I have found who I believe to be a very well quailfied LASIK surgeon in my area (St. Petersburg, FL) and am about ready to undergo the procedure, but, since I only have two eyes I am still a bit nervous and have some questions that I'd rather have answered by someone other than the doctor who will profit from my surgery.

- I'm a 35 year old male who has had a single vision prescription for the last 19 years.
- My prescription is approximately -2.25 and -2.75. No astigmatism.
- I have never been able to get used to contacts. They caused Dryness, burning, etc. which made them unbearable. (My most recent attempt at contacts was not more than 2 years ago).
- I have some small floaters in my eyes once in a while.

- The office performed very thorough evaluation including corneal topography mapping, prescription verification, undialated and dialated eye examination, pupil size, and corneal thickness measurements.
- I was told that I have thick corneas, normal sized pupils, no other issues, and was a good candidate for LASIK.

- While I have a goal of getting rid of my glasses, I do not want to trade my glasses for a poorer quality of vision such as night vision and sharp contrast. I see 20/15 with glasses and I see quite well at night.

- The surgeon only performs Custom LASIK.
- He owns all his equipment in a stationary, professional, and sanitary looking office with a professional, courteous staff.
- They use IntraLase FS30 Laser for the corneal flap.
- They use the Visx Excimer Laser with Custom Guided Wavefront Technology.
- The surgeon claims to have done over 30,000 LASIK procedures.
- They quoted an all inclusive, global fee of $4,680 for both eyes including all followup visits and enhancements if needed.


- Is the price too high ($4,680 global fee), even for a good surgeon with an excellent reputation, or is this fair?

- Night vision: I am extremely concerned about possible night vision side effects which I have heard so much about. If they are temporary (a few months), I can deal with that as part of the healing process. But, I would be most unhappy if I simply traded my glasses for poor night vision.

- Is my contrast perception likely to be lessened?

- How long is my vision likely to fluctuate and what is the liklihood that I will need temporary glasses? What is the real duration of the healing process?

- Does the flap ever completely reattach to the cornea as if nothing ever was done? If not, has this permanent damage put the eye at a substantially higher risk of trauma from activities that would not have normally caused trauma in an eye?

- Are floaters likely to worsen?

- Any issues with flying in pressurized airplanes very soon after the surgery. Is 4 days after surgery too soon?

- Does my inability to adjust to contacts tell you anything about how I might do with LASIK. Am I likely to have dry eyes, or have a harder time healing than someone who has been able to wear contacts?

- Will LASIK cause complications with respect to future surgeries should they be needed, such as lens replacement for cataracts.

- If I should develop Glaucoma later in life, will the fact that I have had LASIK put my eyes at any additional risk due to the pressure of the Glaucoma combined with the prior surgery having been performed?

- This last one more out of curiosity about the precision of the surgery... If the eye is being modified on the order of just a few microns, and the surgeon is manually placing your flap back at the end of surgery is the benefit of Custom LASIK possibly reduced by improper placement of the flap at the end of surgery? How is a surgeon, being human, capable of perfect flap placement at the end of the surgery?

That's about it. I just want to be well informed before I jump into this.

Thank you very much for your answers.
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