Problems with specific facility and doctor

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Problems with specific facility and doctor

Postby mt_100 » Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:22 pm

After getting my yearly bonus I wanted to treat myself to LASIK since I have wanted it for years.

I went to my normal doctor and he evaluated me and recommended a specific facility and appointments were setup for me to have LASIK done there.

Upon arriving I was given a dose of a drug to relax me, Lorzapan. After 45 minutes I was called into an exam room, they did a 5 minute test and I was sent back out to wait again. After another 30 minutes I was called into another room where about four tests were done by a rude nurse who stated she didn't like the results of one test but 'oh well'. They then gave me another pill and said I was too nervous yet.

After 30 more minutes I was brought in for an eye exam and told that my pupil sizes were not as my original doctor stated and that I would need custom LASIK instead of standard and that it was "only 300 and some dollars more". I asked to speak to the doctor.

Upon speaking with the doctor with my girlfriend in the room he started telling me he wouldn't even do the procedure if I didn't agree to custom LASIK since the pupil sizes they measured were 7mm. He also stated that my doctors office "did something wrong" because they had measured one eye at 6mm and the other at 4mm. When I asked why the difference in measurements he got upset, stood up, called my original eye doctors office and started asking them if they would tell me to have the custom done instead of standard. He refused to do anything without me agreeing to have custom LASIK done for "only $300 and some more" so that was the second time I had heard that phrase.

After that my girlfriend asked him nicely to leave the room so we could talk, I was snowballed by now on the drugs. He stood up, grabbed the chart, and stormed out like he had no intent of coming back. She said we should leave and talk to my doctor later and I agreed.

We left, and in the car my doctors office called and said that he had actually been reading my chart wrong the whole time. My pupils were 6mm in dim light and 4mm in bright light as measured by their office.

Looking back at my experience this facility had no clocks on the wall. We arrived at 12:00 and left on our own at 3:30 after only 20 minutes of procedures being done during that time and the office staff was not busy. They mostly milled around and whispered to one another and then hurredly called someone into a room for a quick exam and back out to the waiting room. Most of the people in the waiting room were there before I got there and were still there when I left and in some state of either completely asleep and being helped into exam rooms or just zombies.

I don't want to state the facilities name or location since it is a national chain and I don't want to pass judgement on the chain as a whole. I could go to another of their locations another hour farther but do not feel comfortable at this point.

So my questions.

Is this the normal proceedure for them to make you wait so long and do nothing with you the whole time? If so it would make sense to give some sort of status updates like "you will need to wait a bit for the next step" and so on.

I know it isn't ethical for a doctor to drug you up and then refuse and or ask for more money when you are in that state, but is it legal?

Is there a place I can file a complaint that will actually be heard even though I didn't give them any money?

I did speak to my eye doctor and expressed my concerns and desire to work with a different facility however now I loose out on the benefit of the larger facilities guarantees. Would anyone else have a problem going to an office an hour farther away that is run by the same management individuals (as well as parent company) with a different doctor?

Just need to bounce this off folks. Maybe I went in expecting a different xperience more like a doctor has provided in the past and that just isn't the case in this profession.

Thank you.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Jul 17, 2006 10:35 pm

The treatment you have received may be "normal" for that office, but clearly is not appropriate.

I recommend that you take some important steps.

1) Go to at least two more facilities, including one that does not have an affiliation with your current optometrist and one that is not part of any chain. This will help you compare what you should expect. You may find our 50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctorhelpful in evaluating a potential Lasik surgeon or select a Approved Lasik Doctor.

2) Send a letter similar to what you have posted here to the medical director of the national chain, a copy to the CEO, a copy to the office you visited, and a copy to your primary care optometrist. Do identify the dates, times, and staff names that you recall. If this company wants to be a good corporate citizen, they will want to make some changes. They cannot make changes unless they know specifics of the problem. If you need the names and addresses of the national company representatives, feel free to Private Message me and I’ll provide the information you require.

3) If you are ever uncomfortable with the treatment you receive at any Lasik doctor's office, move on. There are many good doctors who have caring and compassionate staff. Those are the doctors who deserve your business, not facilities with impatient and rude staff. Do not reward inappropriate behavior with your business.

4) Consider that the treatment you received was out of the ordinary and that at another time and on another day you may have been treated fine. That does not negate your experience, but may explain why other patients go there for care and why your optometrist has an affiliation with this facility.
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