VISX Optical Zones

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VISX Optical Zones

Postby shy_halatzi » Tue Jan 29, 2008 10:41 pm

Hi all,

First, my situation: -2.5 and -2.75 myopia, thick cornea (585 microns).

I'm scheduled to make a PRK surgery this thursday (in two days). I had a hard time choosing between the doctors and instruments. I visited three different clinics with two using Allegretto Wavelight and one using VISX with customvue. The doctors are all very experienced, 10+ years with thousands of operations behind them. One is a bigshot proffessor who is also an expert for cornea transplants etc.

Now I have a lot of worries about night vision effects of the surgery.

So my first concern is the pupil size. One doctor measured 7 and 7 mm, the other 7 and 6.5 mm (could there be such a big difference?). One doctor tested my pupil size with an infra-red pupilometer in a fully-lit room. Is it possible to get a good check like that? he said that he can do it because it's infra-red. To me that sounds like a stupid answer... what do you think?

When I asked the bigshot proffesor (who uses the VISX), about matching the optical zone to my 7mm pupil, he told me that he can use a larger optical zone, as large as 8mm, and blend beyond that. Is that possible? in all my reading I always found that VISX is limited to 6.5mm. How do you suppose he can make it larger?

The other issue is the ablation profile. The Allegretto doctors claim that Customvue wavefront-guided is just a marketing trick, and that long term studies show similar results to Allegretto wavefront-optimized. One of them even claims that the Allegretto wavefront-optimized is better than the guided! What do you know about that?

I am very confused because they all seem experienced, reliable doctors. I trust the 3 of them, but each says something contrary to the other.

I would appreciate any answer today or tomorrow,
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Postby tastyratz » Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:46 pm

I am by no means an expert or even beyond lightly educated so take my post with a grain of salt.

Sorry I just noticed your post now

Did you follow through with the surgery?

What made opt for PRK over Lasik especially with cornea thickness not being a concern?

I would think a dimly lit room would make the most sense even if just for reliability. I would ask for a dimly lit room even if he said he didn't "have to"

The approved optical zone and off label optical zone are 2 different things. Most likely its capable of doing more than it was tested and approved for.

Wavefront optimized is not as good as wavefront guided. Wavefront optimized is correcting for the most common/likely. Wavefront guided is correcting exactly what it read in a profile if your own eye. Would you want something made to work best for most people, or tailored to you?

The Allegretto I have seen favored by several places, the Visx I think is less popular and doesn't appear to be as good of a machine in my own opinion. From what I have been looking at online and what I have gathered the Lidarvision is better than the allegretto, and the zeis ml-80 is better than that.
Again I am no expert or qualified and certified in any way. This is my own opinion based on what these can do on paper. A tool is only as good as its surgeon and that should always be a top consideration.
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