retinal tear/scar laser surgery cost ballpark? soon if posbl

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retinal tear/scar laser surgery cost ballpark? soon if posbl

Postby tastyratz » Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:22 pm

so as part of my lasik pre exam I have been referred to a retinologist. I have an old scar in the corner of my retina outside the field of vision I didnt know existed. I have to get it examined. I was told by my optemologist its probably not an issue but the lasik center wanted it looked at. I have a high deductable health plan.

Preparing for the worst Has anyone had this done before and have any idea of what kind of cost to expect? Does anyone know an average/ballpark cost or expectation to get retinal scars laser repaired? couple hundred/couple grand/ 10 grand/ etc? I want to know what I am up against if I have to have it done.

Probably going to want this taken care of soon because the concept makes me nervous.
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