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RLE advice

Postby jordymacsmom » Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:19 pm

I have worn glasses since the age of four, and have been wearing gas permeable contacts for the last 25 years. I was at my optometrist earlier this week to get new contacts, and when tested, I was a -12.25 in the left eye, and a -11 in the right.

I order to properly fit me for new RGPs, he wanted me to go without my contact for a few days and see how much the shape of my cornea changed. Ideally, he wants it to return to it's natural shape so that he can get my "true" vising. That could take quite some time with the length of time I've worn RGPs.

Out of curiosity, I visited a lasik doctor yesterday. I've already been told that I am not a candidate for traditional lasik. He confirmed that and said that even with Wavefront, I could not get to a 20/20. I would still need a low power contact or glasses. What he did suggest as the only true option to correct my severe myopia was lens replacement. The estimated cost was around $8000, which is quite a chuck of change.

After doing some research, and reading some posts here, I am very concerned about retinal detachment and the possibility of my vising not being correct for months after the surgery. I don graphic design, so my ability to see a computer screen is very important I would love to here from anyone here that has had RLE.

I also went back to my optometrist yesterday to have him check how much my cornea has changed after going a few days without my RGPs. My vision has gotten significantly worse in just 4 days! I am now a -14.5 in the left eye and a -14 in the right. He said it would probably degrade even more as my cornea returns to it's natural shape. Who knows what it may be by that time?? A -16 or-18??

I would love to hear from anyone here on any issues the may have had with RLE - both the good ones and bad ones.
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