Scheduled for Lasik next Wednesday! Help!

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Scheduled for Lasik next Wednesday! Help!

Postby Lorettap » Fri Apr 25, 2008 1:55 pm

I am scheduled for Lasik on Wed. Apr. 30. I was really looking forward to it as I am nearsighted, have been for about 40 years (I am 52). Without glasses, my vision is very blurry. I believe my prescription is in the -400 range in both eyes. I called my PCP yesterday to ask about it and his wife had it a year ago and is very happy with it. So, he has no problem with me having it.

I expect to lose the 4-8 inches of clear sight from my eyes but gain visual sharpness from my outstretched hand to infinity, as with age, our natural lens loses the ability to focus from infinity to close up. I tried monovision lenses and have decided against that.

However lately I have heard so many things in the news, in particular the FDA investigating because of so many complaints, even my mother called me two days ago, begging me not to have it fearing I will go blind or have severely impaired vision as a result. Frankly, this scares me because if I lose my sight, I lose my job, house, and my life. I'd rather be dead.

So, my question is, to reduce the risk, do you think its wiser to have one eye done at a time? And if anyone has had that done, how long was it before the second eye was done? And what did you do in the meantime? Wear special glasses? I do a lot of computer work at my job and would need the ability to do this to support myself, as I am single and have no "safety net" to rely on.
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:50 pm

Take a deep breath, and just wait. Lasik is an elective surgery. You don't need to do it today, or tomorrow, or Wednesday. You can do it whenever you want and you should do it only when you are ready.

That said, let's discuss your situation a bit. While you say you understand that you will lose your near vision, are you absolutely sure that you understand what that means in your real world?

I like to say that there is nothing that screws up a perfectly good theory faster than reality.

There is a great way to find out what reality might be. Wear contact lenses that will fully correct your myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) vision. This would be a trial exactly like you did with monovision.

You will learn in a real-world environment what vision will be like if all goes as intended with your surgery. That may be exactly what you want, or you may find that you would be willing to sacrafice a little bit of your distance clarity for a little more of your near vision. Your doctor can adjust your contact lens strength until you know exactly what you like and then you can discuss if this is something surgery can provide.

You should also read about Sudden Presbyopia.

I am at the FDA Lasik meeting and made four presentations. You may find results from our organization's USAEyes CORE Lasik patient survey interesting.
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