PRK enhacement for induced astigmatism

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PRK enhacement for induced astigmatism

Postby sarvarsandhu » Sun May 03, 2009 7:38 pm

I am 30 years old and
I am thinking of enhancement to correct vision in right eye .
I had surface ablation last year in both eyes(15 months to be exact).

here's my current prescription :

30 years old
Right eye : +2 sphere, -2,25 cylinder @93
Left Eye : -0,5 sphere, -0,25 cylinder @4

Have few questions

first my right eye has hyperopic astigmatism or myopic astigmatism ? I have difficulty reading and seeing distance objects.
I met one doctor, he did pentacam analysis and he told me that cylinder number can be changed to positive notation and the prescription will become -0,25 sphere , +2,25 cylinder @3 , and he will treat me for hyperopic astigmatism ? is this the normal way to
correct cylindrical power ?

I read on this website that correcting cylindrical power has some coupling effect on spherical number, do nomograms in
current machine automatically take care of it ? ( doctor I am consulting has Allegretto Wave Eye-Q machine )

Last question ,is it possible for pentacam for show incorrect corneal thickness ? I had orbscan topography
which showed corneal thickness of about 472 um at thinnest point 2 months back which is consistent with
post operative result last year and pentacam 3 days back is showing it around 451 .
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