Second Opinion

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Second Opinion

Postby yzr » Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:00 am

I am turning 24 years old, and pretty much since the age of 6/7, I've had myopia.

My results at a lasik center yielded:
L -10.75
R -10.25

I also have slight astigmatism (-.25 in both eyes). Basically, I have extreme myopia, and have needed contacts for several years because I just don't see as well with glasses. My corneas are nice and thick, so I qualify for Lasik surgery. One surgeon recommended the Allegretto wavelight, another the VISX. Of course both of them said their technology was best. I asked the opinion of a doctor not in my area who had both technologies, and he said that for more myopic patients he would use the Allegretto, however it ultimately depended on the surgeon. Another one even recommended phatic IOL, which I thought was for someone older??

I am confused about my options. The first two surgeons both have a great track records, although the first one did have a pushy financier. But ultimately I care about the person who will be in charge of my eyes.

Any advice?
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Re: Second Opinion

Postby LasikExpert » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:47 am

See our article about phakic IOL. You probably want to take a look at our article about Lasik and pupil size and high Lasik correction. You are in the treatment range for both lasers, but there may be a slight advantage for the Allegretto if you happen to have large pupils. After you review these articles, discuss those options with your doctors. This may help guide your decision.

Just because two doctors present different treatment plans does not mean one is wrong. There are many equally viable methods and techniques to achieve surgical vision correction. You may be able to do well with many.
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