Need advice, hyperopia with astigmatism

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Need advice, hyperopia with astigmatism

Postby gigzi » Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:37 pm

Hello All,

I am trying to decide whether I should do the eye refractive surgery or not.
I am a designer and my sight is crucial for me. I am not sure whether the surgery will give the desirable results and am afraid that the possible risks in my case could deteriorate my sight instead of improving.

I have done extensive eye exam in the clinic.
I have
OD +2.50 C-3.50 x10
OS +3.25 C-3.50 x165
Pupil size 7.5mm
Corneal thickness 531 and 533.

Doctor advice:
The clinic where I’ve been has Wavelight Concerto 500Hz laser, and they do CustomVue, but due to results of my eye exam (high astigmatism) they don’t advice me to use CustomVue method. They advised me to do IntraLase Lasik without CustomVue. They also mentioned the high risks of hallows because of the size of my pupil and 20% chance that I will need a second surgery to get to the zero. After extensive eye exam and conversation with the doctor I hesitate even more.

My questions:
1. Why CustomVue with Wavelight Concerto 500Hz laser will or will not deliver desirable results in my case? What is a chance that it will not have an expected result?
2. Would custom wavefront Lasik with VISX S4IR laser give better results for me? Will I still need a second surgery?
3. Will surgery with VISX S4IR laser give me less chance to have hallows after surgery?
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Re: Need advice, hyperopia with astigmatism

Postby LasikExpert » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:16 pm

From what you describe, halos and doubled vision seem to be almost guaranteed. While that may sound like a nusiance, in fact they may be so bad that you cannot drive after dusk. See Lasik Halo and see Lasik and big pupils.

You have two of the most challenging refractive errors to correct - high hyperopia (farsighted, longsighted) vision and high astigmatism. Compounding this with a very large pupil size and you are almost guaranteed problems. Problems that would likely not be correctible with glasses. See Lasik and farsighted vision and Lasik and astigmatism.
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