about two weeks out

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about two weeks out

Postby phantom1584 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:19 am

I'm looking to get lasik on 9/23/10, and thought I'd put up a post to start the story of my journey.

30 yr old male, no true eye issues other than the obvious nearsighted/astigmatism. Job wise, I camp in front of a computer all day long and work from home. I've mostly been in the 30 day overnight contacts (9 months of year) and glasses (3 months of year). I've got spring allergies (tree pollen) that force me to take out my contacts while my eyes go crazy due to the pollen count in the spring. I opted to do my lasik in the fall to allow a good 6 months before my spring allergies kick in (average mid/late March, but varies). I've been out of my overnight contacts since Aug 30 and I'm aiming for a Sept 23 procedure.

Pre-op, my glasses perscription (11 months old, pre-op lasik check said I was pretty close to this)
OD: -6.25, -0.75, x15
OS: -6.00, -1.00, x145

One thing I'll mention because it seems no one does, is that surgeons use a different perscription format (plus vs minus on cylinder). They're both the same, but the numbers just vary. Why they do it different, I have no idea, but I know I found a webpage out there on it. It does confuse me as it makes one number look "worse" since its higher, and anytime I see charts saying what range is high, I don't know what number to reference. For those curious, to convert, take my OS as an example. -6.25 - 0.75 = -7. Make the -.75 a positive number. If the axis is under 90, add 90 to it. If the number is over 90, subtract 90. Ta-da.

The "suregons" perscription from my glasses perscription above.
OD: -7.00, +0.75, x105
OS: -7.00, +1.00, x55

I forget my actual thickness number, but I remember them saying I am in the upper 500 range. Not sure of my actual pupil measurement, but they did comment I have small pupils compared to most.

Has anyone else out there with seasonal allergies that affect the eyes from pollen (itching, redness, etc) gone through lasik? Thoughts/comments? I'm interested in hearing about the first season after, as well as seasons years after.
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Re: about two weeks out

Postby BlindKC » Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:27 am

Oh, wow! This make me feel a little better. Is there any way you can share this website? If you read my post you'll see that my prescription changed when the surgeon did it too. More than yours but that's probably b/c of my RGPs I'd be interested to read why the surgeon's numbers are different.

I wish I could help wtih your alergy question. I do think having your LASIK 6 months before allergy season is a good idea I would think you should be healed enough by then in case you end up using other drops or rubbing your eyes more. Did you mentione that to your surgeon.
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Re: about two weeks out

Postby phantom1584 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:45 am

There is a few sites on the prescription, but here is one http://www.usaeyes.org/lasik/faq/read-e ... tion-2.htm.

My LASIK went fine by the way. Some dryness (minor), and some halo/starburst at night, but I can still drive at night just fine.
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