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Postby kevinv » Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:32 pm

In 1994, I had PRK done on both of my eyes. In roughly 1998, I had the right eye only re-done with LASIK. In 2004, I had a consult with a different doctor who was going to do LASIK on both eyes, but didn't tell me until the day of surgery that he was going to try to use the same flap in the right eye that had been used in 1998. When he started to lift the flap, it ripped, some of it came up, other parts of it remained attached such that the flap looked like a piece of swiss cheese. He spent abput an hour patting it back down, trying to match up all the torn edges, and of course didn't do any lasering, and he also decided not to do the left eye either. Scarring is apparently present, but minimal. At present, I'm -3.0 on the left eye, -1.25 on the right, but can't wear a contact lens very comfortably on the right eye. I don't know whether this is from the botched flap job, or just simply from having a flatter cornea as a result of the surgeries (although as I said the left eye is fine for contacts). I would like to correct the right eye so that I don't have to wear uncomfortable contacts, then do the left eye afterwards if all works out well with the right eye. I don't know if I should just leave well enough alone and not get anything done. I don't know if I'm at any extra risk for complications on the right eye. It would seem obvious that the treatment of choice on the right eye would be PRK. I will go for a consult with someone soon, but if anyone has any opinion or advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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