Blended vision - Australian TV article

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Blended vision - Australian TV article

Postby croanster » Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:32 pm

I have just seen a news article on Australian television praising the new technology affording allegedly fantastic results for ‘Blended Vision’ refractive surgery. Apparently the surgery in Sydney is one of only 3 in the world experimenting with this type of surgery.

I would strongly recommend anyone contemplating this surgery seek a second and third opinion before proceeding. The surgeon interviewed on television was the same surgeon that performed my botched surgery that has left me with starbursts and irregular astigmatism.

Not only did I have many unwanted artefacts / aberrations with night vision, he lied to me about my residual prescription after lasik saying that he had achieved a good medical outcome. He and practice said than I had a minimal script of around -0.25 with maybe half a dioptre of astigmatism. The reality was double vision both day and night with a script around +1 / -1.25 / 030.
The patient aftercare was nonexistent. The surgeon did not want to see me after surgery for 6 months. My vision at night was much worse than the 20/40 required to drive legally and despite several requests to speak with my surgeon about the results he was not interested and not available. Needless to say he was not interested in performing a retreatment and as it turns out, I am just as glad he didn’t – I think he would’ve have made it worse!

He actually said to me – and I will never forget this... “why do you think you are seeing double because I don’t really know... I don’t want to do an enhancement because I don’t want to make it worse than it is”.
Again, if you are considering seeing this surgery seek a second opinion please!!!
I am thankful that I found another surgeon in Sydney that was able to correct the majority of my vision problems and now several surgeries later I can see well enough to not think about lasik and although I still see starbursts at night, my vision is good enough to be able to function. The level of patient care in the second surgery was amazing. The staff and surgeon genuinely care about the outcome for the patient so shop around and find one like this the first time!

I felt compelled to write this after seeing the TV news article and knowing the anguish I went through trying to come to terms with destroyed vision for 12 months before I got some answers from a different and properly good doctor.

This is where my story began: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1189&start=0

And through to here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1830&start=0
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Re: Blended vision - Australian TV article

Postby lex » Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:36 pm

I had similar script (+3.25 / -1.25 astig and +3.75 / -1.5 astig) and had lasik about 11 weeks ago and i have had the same issues as you had.
Regression already took place and i am considering an enhancement.
I have a hard time with the dry eyes, but the feeling is a little different from normal dry eyes, i feel a burning sensation most of the time that makes me think every minute about the lasik, from the morning to the evening.
From doc view is was a success surgery, and everything i fell is normal. Since i was already presbyopic and had the brilliant idea to get help with lasik, now i need glasses for reading (+2.00) and some blurry vision at distance that the machine says is about 1.00 astig. I dont have exact numbers yet, since i will have an appt
soon and these numbers were from 30 days after surgery.
i wonder how was you recover from the enhancement, i could read you had dry yes for 7 months, and how about after 1st enhancement?
How about the epithelium?
Would you post about this?
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