Considering Z-Lasik

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Considering Z-Lasik

Postby ancho84 » Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:42 am


There are three major Lasik surgeons highly advertised in my area. I decided to schedule an appointment with one of them to see if I am a good candidate for Lasik surgery. I had a vision test with contacts and without. Also had another exam done on a machine that shows you a small color image while it checks something or scans your eye and creates a colorful printout. (Excuse my poor knowledge on terms.) I was then taken to an office to be told whether I was a good candidate or not. I was told that I have a high prescription, but that I am a good candidate for Z-Lasik using the Allegretto Wavelight Laser system. I was explained the price which was $4200, including 1 year of follow ups. The man assured me I would be seeing 20/20 right after the procedure. He then told me I could get a thorough eye exam the same day and come in for surgery the next day or sometime during the week. My concern is he said nothing about not wearing my soft contact lenses for a certain amount of time or anything of that nature. I was also not told what my prescription was or cornea width. But my contacts are currently at -6.25 and -6.5 I am 26 yrs. old

Any comments or suggestions on this are greatly appreciated. I really want to go through with it, but don't know if the soft contact lense topic is an issue.

I have heard this doctor is the best one in the area.
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