ICL vs. Lasik vs. Cataract Surgery

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ICL vs. Lasik vs. Cataract Surgery

Postby gorilla1969 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:09 pm

I'm a 41 year old person who is farsighted and just beginning to have begun to see very mild stages of middle aged problems seeing thing up close.

I've read ICLs appear to have less potential complications (including no dry eye) than Lasik and is reversible, if need be. There also appears to be less complications involved if I require cataract surgery when I get older if I go with ICLs. Any comments on ICLs being a better choice over LASIK?

Also, this might be a stupid question but given that most people need to undergo cataract surgery at some point in our lives (especially with the ever increasing lifespan of successive generations) is there any reason why it not common for people to simply have a cataract replacement with vision correction from the 'get-go' (at an early age). As I understand it, the artificial lenses should last a lifetime anyhow so why not have just the one surgery instead of the likely possibility of two (LASIK/ICLs, followed by cataract surgery later in life)? It seems to make more sense. Am I missing something?

Thanks for you advice / suggestions.
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