Trying to choose between 3 different clinics

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Trying to choose between 3 different clinics

Postby Brad » Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:52 pm

I appologize if I shouldnt be asking these questions since I am in Canada but I am hoping other people can relate to the questions in the US. I wish we had your list of doctors you have made. Your site is full if invaluable information, and when I go meet the surgeons I will pack along the 50 questions

All 3 clinics are convincing from their phone sales pitch, I have not yet met them in person since it is a 5 hour drive. They hit pretty hard with the sales pitches. They all claim to have pioneers in the surgery in the area (which is pretty easy since it isnt a big centre and they are the only games in town)

One is a satellite office of some bigger clinics, they use the Bauch and Lomb z100 platform. They offer lifetime touch-ups
One is a local clinic, they claim to have the only Corneal Specialist in the area and use the Wavelight Allegretto Laser Platform
The last is also a local clinic, they use the Visx Star 4 Platform in conjunction with Interlase SBK

They all "partner" with local optometrists for follow up care if you are not local to them you get your care from your regular eye doctor. I am about to arrange a consult with all 3 and want to be prepared.

The idea of SBK attracts me, but they have only been using the interlaseSBK for 2.5 months, is that enough to gain experience? Or is it even worth it, what I have read makes it appear so.

Would going to a place with a "Corneal Specialist" be of any value or is it a useless title?

I find the satellite office somewhat attractive in that they may have more resources to bring to bear should something go wrong, the lifetime warenty sounds both good and useless at the same time.

They all claim to use the best equipment, which one actually is (bearing in mind I have -2.5 in each eye with slight astigmatism)?
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Re: Trying to choose between 3 different clinics

Postby susssan » Mon May 30, 2011 4:46 pm

I wish I had gone to a clinic that did it's own follow through and not sent me back to my regular optometrist. Also ask when you can get an enhancement if you need one. Most clinics do 3 months, but the one I picked only does after 6 months. So I wouldn't have picked this particular clinic if I had known ahead of time.
Also if you need an enhancement ask how they do it. I found this week that the clinic I went to will only do PRK for an enhancement and i am quite unhappy about that since lifting the flap and doing a bit of laser work is so much easier in healing ttime.
hope this helps
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