Suitability for Lasik

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Suitability for Lasik

Postby ashcat » Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:36 am

I am from the UK and recently saw a consultant opthalmic surgeon in the UK (well respected, at Moorfields Eye Hospital) with a view to having Lasik.
My prescription is R. -10.75 / -0.50 x 50 L. -9.75 / -0.75 x 160

As part of the eye examination, he measured the corneas to be around 480 microns thick, right and left.

He said that I was just beyond the accepted upper limit for laser refractive surgery, and that due to having significantly thinner corneas than normal (he reckoned within the lowest 5% of the population), there would be a significant risk of corneal ectasia, and so he could not recommend surgery. He said that I wasn't even borderline; e.g. even if my myopia was only around -3, he would consider LASEK rather than LASIK due to the thin corneas.

Since he is a respected surgeon, I have pretty much accepted this assessment, but for completeness, I am interested to hear whether this would be a standard response from a surgeon to my circumstances, or whether he is being particularly conservative. Of course, even if other surgeons would go ahead, the fact that he will not gives cause for serious thought!

The only odd thing is that around 15 years ago, I went for a similar assessment (with a different surgeon, at a different location) and my memory is that I could have gone ahead with surgery had I wanted to. But I understand that a greater appreciation of the potential complications means that surgeons are much less willing to treat more severe cases nowadays.
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