Op date set for 10/04, but I have some questions

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Op date set for 10/04, but I have some questions

Postby Shivan82 » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:08 am

Here are my eyes :) :

I'll be getting PRK on the 4th of October, the NHS is paying for one eye(I'm in Italy). The doctors, who are making a negligible profit on my op(since they are state-paid) seem to see the operation as routine, they've been doing PRK treatment at this state hospital for 10 years now and I've talked to about 6 firends of mine who all say that PRK(or Lasik) was the best thing the best desicion they ever made.

I also do a contact sport(kick-boxing) and I asked the Doc about me continuing to do this he said it was fine without batting an eye.

Also, most have told me from experience the PRK healing time is about a week, then they said they could return to a normal work routine.

So then, how come if I go online and do a web search or look on Usenet, all I see are horror stories? Even this website doesn't paint a pretty picture. I tend to put some faith in the Doctors since this isn't US medical marketing, the way things work here the doctors really have very little to gain from another PRK, so no need to embellish the picture.

Now however, reading all the horror stories has made me a bit nervous. I really can't afford to be unable to drive for months.
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Sep 27, 2006 11:33 pm

No one can, or should, tell you if you should have elective (arguably cosmetic) surgery. That is a decision only you can make after being advised by a competent doctor.

Your astigmatism is a little high, but not out of the range of correction. If you have read this forum much you would know that I am biased toward PRK and its cousins LASEK and Epi-Lasik because they eliminate the Lasik flap and thereby eliminate the possibility of a Lasik flap problem. If you decide to have surgery, PRK, LASEK, and Epi-Lasik would make the most sense with your contact sport.

At one week postop you will probably have what I call "functional fuzzy" vision. You will be able to get around, recognize faces, etc., but the crispness needed for reading and computer work may not be there yet. Don't expect really good vision until several weeks postop.

As you are browsing around the web it is good to keep things in perspective. People who had surgery with no problems and the desired outcome have very little incentive to visit these forums. People with problems looking for answers do.

Or organization estimates that about 97% of patients have no residual complications at six months postop. What you will see in our "Had It A While Ago" section are residents of that other 3%. Fortunately some of the people who visited our “Just Had It” section return later to tell us their final, and most often good, results.
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