Epi-lasik vs. lasik

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Epi-lasik vs. lasik

Postby chisox666 » Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:18 pm

Hi, I'm greatly considering getting lasik or epi-lasik. The reason for the epi-lasik choice is because I am going to be participating in different contact sports, mainly two martial arts (Brzilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing). I have been told that when there is a risk of eye trauma as in Muay Thai, it would be better off to get epi-lasik due to no flap being cut and therefore less future complications. I have been to Lasik Plus for a free exam, and I must say that i am kind of turned off by their "corporate" approach. I don't really care for the answers they have given me. I dont think they gave a wide list of options, mainly due to the fact that I'm unemployed but I have to the money to get whatever type of surgery that is recommened. I think they advised me of the cheapest option because of no present job in order to "lure" me to their facility. I'm not saying they are a bad place because I obviously can't say that, I just think that they are not the right place for me. I don't know my present #'s, but I know that one eye is a little weaker than the other, and I am more than -4.00 in both eyes with astigatism to a certain degree. I have called other places, and at one place that is more $$, they gave me better answers and a list of more options, mainly epi-lasik because of the contact sports. The laser they use is the Allegretto Wave they use only Intralase over a micrkeratome. I'm 25yrs old, and am wondering if any advice could be given towards what procedure is the right one for me. Basically I am considering two other places, both use only Intralase, but one is the Allegretto (more $$) and one is the Visx Customvue.Also, the place that uses the Allegretto reports a much lower enhancement rate (1-2%) vs. the Visx Customvue (6%). I have read reports on studies that say the need for enhancement with the Allegretto Wave is less than the Visx Customvue. I have talked to a couple of people who have had lasik done awhile ago and I've heard nothing but positive results. I wish people would take more time to post positive replies instead of just negative, but what you said about someone with positive results has little incentive to post on these sights makes perfect sense. Again, any info on epi-lasik vs. Lasik with one of the two previously mentioned lasers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:01 pm

Once you have had Lasik (or IntraLasik) you have always had Lasik. Although the Lasik flap heals, it is not like a cut on the arm. See Lasik Flap Healing. The cornea is always different after Lasik and is subject to dislocation with significant trauma. You have been well advised to seek a surface ablation technique like PRK, LASEK, or Epi-Lasik over Lasik or IntraLasik.

Both the Visx and the Allegretto have solid studies to support that they are reliable and predictable technology, but you need to focus more on the quality of the surgeon than the particular tool used. Remember that no amount of technology will compensate for an inferior surgeon.

Never choose a clinic or surgeon with which you are uncomfortable. You need to be able to trust the advice you are provided.

Enhancement rates are often a poor method of indicating the quality of a laser or a surgeon. You may want to read about Lasik Enhancement Rates.
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