Lasik for low myopia high astigmatism

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Lasik for low myopia high astigmatism

Postby WEW » Tue Dec 05, 2006 8:06 pm

My correction is a little unusual with very high astigmatism:
OD -1.25, cyl -3.00 axis 107; OS -1.25, cyl -4.00, axis 077

I've been evaluated at a very reputable University based Lasik center and told I'm a good lasik candidate, good corneas, etc. However, I'm concerned about the magnitude of the astimagtism correction relative to the myopic correction. The Doc has discussed coupling and the high likelyhood of requiring enhancement. He has said he will likely lean towards an initial undercorrection. I have been wearing toric soft lenses for general vision and low power readers in dim light. My job requires working at the computer throughout the day and significant amount of reading/writing. I'm concerned about the ability to correct this large astigmatism and any impact in might have on my day-to-day work, especially after one surgery and before the next. Although my vision isn't perfect with contacts, it certinaly is acceptable and I can function just fine. I'm not sure lasik is worth a chance with such a large astigmatism component.

Any comments on this large astigmatism with small myopia would be appreciated.
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Postby LasikExpert » Tue Dec 05, 2006 10:50 pm

It looks like your surgeon is very well aware of unusual challenges your high astigmatism creates and is advising you well. I'm always glad to see that.

Only you can decide if the potential benefit is worth the potential risk. You do have a high astigmatism, but it is within the treatable range. I like that your doctor wants to take a more conservative route by initially aiming for undercorrection so there is a margin of error and room for later "fine tuning, but that does mean a higher than normal probability of more than one surgery.

If you are looking for encouragement, that is not what we do. I have not privately or publicly ever told anyone they should have elective surgery. We just advise on the facts as we are able. It really is your decision. You seem to be getting good advice and it appears you have selected a good surgeon. I don't know that I can provide much more than you have already. My only advise is to take your time. There is never any rush for Lasik.
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Postby slee104611 » Thu Dec 28, 2006 5:42 pm

I had a similar issue (high astigmatism and low/no myopia) and I chose to undercorrect in favor of reading as my job requires reading fine print reports and looking into a computer screen all day long and since I live in NYC and don't drive, distance is not such an issue for me. We were shooting for 20/40 or 20/50. I am currently at 20/40 in my left eye and 20/50 in my right eye 27 days out. It's still improving each day. As for reading, I have yet to find a print so fine that I cannot read it easily with good light except for the microprint on bills. However, I noticed that for movies I have to sit about 10 rows forward to where I normally sit, my mid distance vision is about the same as with glasses and my torics, but my far vision (past a full city block) is poor compared to what I had with glasses but this was the trade-off I made and I have no regrets.

Personally, I do not plan to have revisions/enhancements however, my opthamologist told me that under-correction was the better option if I wanted to have additional enhancements or I change my mind and decide to go for 20/20 vision at a later date.

Another thing I noticed, after LASIK I got fitted with contact lenses that I could barely feel in my eyes. I slept with them in for a few days. I remarked to my Dr that her lenses didn't hurt, pinch, or feel like dry rubber after a few hours like my torics and if my torics felt as comfortable as her lenses, I would have saved my money and just worn them to which she replied that the LASIK reshaped my corneas so I could just wear regular lenses. Let me tell you, there is a HUGE difference in the comfort between "soft" toric and regular/mild prescription contacts. The point of this is that in a WORSE case scenario, I could still wear contact lenses but even that would be a HUGE improvement to my vision and comfort compared to pre-LASIK.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.
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