Which Laser machine is better? Visx, Alcon, WaveLight, B&

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Which Laser machine is better? Visx, Alcon, WaveLight, B&

Postby lance » Wed Dec 06, 2006 3:12 am

Hi there,

I was told by three differnet doctors about three different laser machines. I would like to get your opinion on which one is the better choice or it really doesn't matter too much.

One insisted that VISX Star 4 CustomView is the best and it has 80% of market share. Everytime the doctor uses it, around $200 - $300 roalty has to paied to the manufacture company.

The other doctor indicated WAVELIGHT Allegretto is the best. It will cut a little bit less corneal than VISX does. But I understand Allegretto is not realy customrized for each person, it is so called "wavefront optimized" meaning it is based on a lots of other people's data.

The third doctor insisted the Alcon LadarVision Custom Cornea is the best as it has upto 4000/per second tracking system.

I would like to check which one is better to help me to make decision. I am nearsighted with -4.25 and -5.0. I also have little bit stigamatism.

Thanks in advance!
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:24 am

The answer to your question will probably depend upon the laser that your surgeon uses. All doctors seem to like their own the best.

All excimer lasers have their advantages and disadvantages and all needs of an individual patient are unique. I recommend that you discuss your concerns directly with your doctor and ask how this particular laser may be advantageous to you. It may be that any laser is fine, it may be that the unique properties of one laser are important for your needs.

I recommend that you focus on the quality of the surgeon, not the manufacturer of the laser. All good doctors know the limitations - and strengths - of their technology and techniques. The doctor's own outcomes with the proposed technology and technique would probably be your best guide, although past performance is never a guarantee of future results..it is just a guide.
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