Lasik for myopia large Pupil

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Lasik for myopia large Pupil

Postby pangpang » Sat Dec 23, 2006 8:48 am

Hi, after I had my evaluation, my doctor told me that I have large pupil plus thin corneas, but he still recommended a custom IntraLASIK. My numbers are
OD -7.25 Myopia (Cycloplegic Refraction), pupil 7mm, cornea 571
OS -7.25 Myopia (Cycloplegic Refraction), pupil 7.5mm, cornea 556

The post-op thickness calculation he showed me are
OD 571 -120 (Intralase) ā€“ 97 (12 x D) = 354
OD 571 -120 (Intralase) ā€“ 100 (12 x D) = 336

Iā€™m just looking for some second opinion on whether these numbers are good enough for me to go through with the operation.


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Postby peakaboo » Sat Dec 23, 2006 7:40 pm

Looks like you're fine. My eyes were -6 (both eyes) with 8+ mm pupil diameters, corneal thickness ~510 microns. Doc said remaining thickness with intralase would be about 310 microns. Procedure went well, just have some dry eye and some night starbursts, but the eyes are healing well.
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