Health supplements pre- and post-surgery

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Health supplements pre- and post-surgery

Postby ssmarsh8 » Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:09 pm

I am having custom wavefront PRK in 8 days and have purchased a few dietary supplements that I've heard could minimize risk of hazing, etc.

I thought I would share my plan, and see if my dosages sound right--and make sure there's no potential downside to any of this, in terms of the eye and surgery (about a month ago, to stave off a cold I was popping 3-4 grams of vitamin C a day, and felt quite funny in addition to peeing neon orange, ha).

For one week leading up to surgery, and 2-3 weeks following surgery:
500mg Vitamin C, twice a day (total 1 gram)
1g flax seed oil capsules, twice a day (total 2 grams)
100 I.U. Vitamin E, once a day

I know the vitamin C is for healing, and the flax seed is for eye moisture (though I don't have dry eyes now, knock on wood). Not sure about the vitamin E. Just read it somewhere.

My surgeon himself did not make any dietary recommendations.

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Postby mike r » Wed Jan 17, 2007 5:19 pm

I was told not to take any excessive amounts of vitamins especially mega vitamins. In my pre op notes. Reason being- they want a normal healing progression not fast. So I took one multivitamin first time last night.
Seemed odd but thats what they told me. Maybe the eyes could do a quick repair overkill and cause hazing.
May wish to ease off the supplements or risk a shakey outcome.

Just a concern I mean thought...

<mike r>
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Postby ssmarsh8 » Thu Jan 18, 2007 3:40 pm

Thanks for your thoughts, but I did find a post by Glenn referencing vitamin C as an effective tool to minimize risk of hazing in PRK. I would be curious to know his thoughts on the supplements mentioned.
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Postby LasikExpert » Sat Jan 20, 2007 5:41 am

The vitamin C is a technique used to minimize corneal haze for PRK. Flax seed oil (Omega 3) is often used to help with the lipid layer of the tear film.

Seek your doctor's advice regarding vitamin E. I found an interesting 2001 medical journal article regarding a study from Turkey where vitamin E was applied directly to the cornea immediately after PRK and keratocyte apoptosis (active process of selective cell destruction) was significantly reduced. To my knowledge, the topical application of vitamin E has not become current standard procedure for PRK. How vitamin E introduced into the system as an oral supplement may make changes in the healing process is unknown. It is an issue that may need to be considered by the surgeon.
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Postby ssmarsh8 » Sun Jan 21, 2007 3:29 am

Here's the response from the surgery coordinator:

Thank you for checking with us on this. The vitamins that you have
listed are fine and will not effect the healing after your surgery. The
flax seed oil is good to use as it helps to promote more tear
production. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Please contact
us if you have any other questions.
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