My two bits about picking a doctor

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My two bits about picking a doctor

Postby diver110 » Wed Feb 14, 2007 5:53 pm

I have had lasik done on my left eye about six years ago. I only had one done to be conservative, and am glad I made that choice. I was about -10.5 diopters. My lasik surgeon, who was very experienced, did not spefically warn me that the surgery might come up short (it did, I am about 20-55) or the higher risk of glare I would have (I see star bursts at night).

Recently, I had my right eye evaluated by a lasik-only doctor who said he was 90% sure he could get me to 20-40 or better. I was not quite comfortable with him, so I went to [an eye institute associated with a university teaching hospital], and thought by some to be the top eye center in the world. (I live in [near the institute].) There I was told I was not a good candidate for lasik. There are actually three components, my myopia (high), my corneal thickness (not that thick), AND the curvature of the eye. If you have a fairly flat eye like I do, there is a risk that lasik could create a concave impression that would give poor vision quality. They recommended interocular lenses for me (basically cataract surgery with a refractive lense.)

My feelings now are that unless you are a very straight forward candidate, it's questionable to go to a doctor who just does lasik (not true of any doctors at [the institute]). There will be at least a subjective bias to do lasik, even if you are a marginal candidate. A doctor who does other procedures (and from what I gather, lasik is not that hard to do), is not going to be as invested in lasik and is more likely to be neutral.

If you can make the trek to [an institute], I would recommend it. After all, it is your eyesight. I say two doctors there I liked[]. [One] is a hot shot, always has a resident in tow, and may not give you as much personal attention as you like. [The other] will take more time with you, but is out in [a suburb]. Probably any [institute] doctor authorized to do lasik will be fine.

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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:29 pm

The subjective bias you mention may not be intentional or malicious, but when you are only a hammer eventually everything will seem like a nail.

Six years ago when you had Lasik you would have had different circumstances that may have made Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) inappropriate. RLE is commonly not appropriate for people who have accommodation - the ability to change focus to see objects near. Six years ago you may have had enough accommodation that RLE would not have been considered appropriate. Also, six years ago RLE was more controversial than it is today. It may be that Lasik was not the best option for you six years ago, but it may also be that RLE was not the best option either.
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