Lasik “aspherica” or Zyoptix Aspheric program.

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Lasik “aspherica” or Zyoptix Aspheric program.

Postby Maximus » Fri Feb 16, 2007 12:28 pm

Lasik “aspherica” or Zyoptix Aspheric program.
Doctors (ophthalmologists), could you, please, describe this method in more details?
How widely do you use “aspherica” in your medical practice? Which results do you observe?
Is it true, that Aspheric program is more safety, than Custom Lasik, preserving the natural shape of the cornea and minimizing the induction of aberrations?
People, who have had the Zyoptix Aspheric? What is your impression? Share.

Thanks in advance.
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