glasses since 2. doc says maybe next year?

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glasses since 2. doc says maybe next year?

Postby GeneralPatientInquiry » Mon Jun 05, 2006 5:50 am

I've been wearing glasses since 2yrs. old and my vision is approx.20/2800.I do not expect 20/20 vision but any improvement in my vision would be great. My MD keeps on saying maybe next year.I've been waiting 25 years.Please advise me with my options.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Jun 05, 2006 5:53 am


I am assumming that the reason your vision is so poor is because of simple refractive error - you are either myopic (nearsighted, shortsighted), hyperopic (farsighted, longsighted) and considering your age you are probably presbyopic (cannot change focus from distance to near and need reading glasses/bifocals).

If this is an accurate description of your vision, then I suggest you investigate Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE).

If your vision is limited because of disease, then RLE may not be of any value.

RLE is not performed by all eye doctors. You would need to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist (medical eye doctor), rather than an optometrist (glasses and contacts only). A cataract surgeon may be the best for RLE, but some Lasik doctors perform RLE.
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