again: another large pupil & help please

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again: another large pupil & help please

Postby tiana_z » Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:28 pm

Finally I was able to post here :D . I registered this morning but had to wait few hours to have my account activated. This is such a great ACTIVE (you actually got answers with your post :wink: )board and I'm very happy that I fountd it before my scheduled sugery(04/20)
During my consultation, here are the numbers:

Right eye:
-1.00 / -1.00 / 165
Natural dilated pupil: 7.5mm
Cornea thickness: 526

Left eye: -3.75/ -1.5 /14
Natural dilated pupil: 7.7mm
Cornea thickness: 518

I was told by the other docotor (didn't have chance to meet the surgeon himself) that probably the right eye will remove 20 micron and left 50-60 micron because she said the surgon is a very conservative doctor. of course, she said I'm a very good candidate for Custome Lasik with lase cut flap.

My concern, as usuall, is due to my large pupil size. But I have been thinking this procedure for almost 5 years (pregant and nursing, pregnant again and finially finshed nursing last December). I have two very different eyes which makes me so hard to walk with glasses without feeling dizzy. And my eyes just can't do contact, I tried it 4 years ago and after two weeks trying, my eyes were still too dry.

So Glenn or any folks here, do you mind to give me any advice? I already read the link about the Lasik and Pupil etc but still don't know how much risk I'm facing. So please help me out, I shceduled my custom lasik on 04/20. With it just around the corner, I'm getting nervous by the day. Unfortunately, I don't see any recommanded dorctor's name in the area I'm living (Pittsburgh, PA). The one I'm going to do surgery got good reputation though.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for even reading it!

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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Apr 15, 2007 3:49 pm

You have a situation where pupil size is not a clear issue (pun intended). Time and again studies have shown pupil size alone is not a reliable predictor of night vision problems. You should read about Lasik pupil size issues.

It would be reasonably argued that the eye with very low myopia and moderate astigmatism would not have enough change to cause night vision problems, however this is surgery and no result is ever guaranteed. Even the eye with more myopia is still relatively low and it too may not present a signaficantly elevated risk of night vision problems.

The size of the optical treatment zone could be equal to the size of your naturally dilated pupils if you elected to have conventional laser ablation instead of custom wavefront-guided, however you would not gain the relative advantages available with wavefront. These may be important in your case.

Also, if the size of your pupils was measured with a device that uses infared light in total darkness, then your pupils in low visible light are likely to be about 1.0mm smaller. This may make a big difference in the probability of problems.
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