22 Days Post Lasik

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Postby Patch » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:44 pm

My doctor and I both agreed it won't be worthwhile to try to zap that last -.25 out of my left eye. If my right eye reaches plano, the minor difference between the two eyes won't cause much, if any, problems. I am actually very pleased with the vision in my left eye. I would be very happy to have my right eye the same as my left. I can read and see at all distances well in my left eye.

After going about 8 months with a significant difference in my 2 eyes which was very noticeable, I am already very happy with the results of the enhancement. I think the surgeon may have slightly overcorrected me, given that I regressed in the right eye from -.50 to -1.00 over 6 months after the original Lasik surgery. If so, my vision (especially close vision in my right eye) should improve over the next several months with a relatively similar regression. At any rate, I will have some actual numbers in a week when I go for my next exam.
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