Hyperopia Lasik - 1 Month out

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Re: LASIK rocks my world!

Postby LasikExpert » Thu Jan 10, 2008 6:42 pm

h3lder wrote: I had my operation for free in an Hospital in Portugal, and since I'm a blood donner I didn't even had to pay Hospital taxes :-)

And you get a "money back guarantee".

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Re: LASIK rocks my world!

Postby h3lder » Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:51 pm

LasikExpert wrote:
h3lder wrote: I had my operation for free in an Hospital in Portugal, and since I'm a blood donner I didn't even had to pay Hospital taxes :-)

And you get a "money back guarantee".


Yeap, no complaints about the price here :-D

Two months and eleven days now.
I still can't see from far distances well. Sometimes I feel like I miss my glasses. Now if I seat in the end row of my class I can't read what's in the board. If I don't think about it I can do anything else normaly. I watch movies from a normal distance (the same as everybody else in my home), I play my ps2 games on the couch without needing to get closer to the TV for extra detail (ok, maybe sometimes in extremely fast paced games, but I guess anyone else would anyway) and I recognize people on the other side of the street or even if inside motion cars easely.
I can use a computer at a reasonable distance - before the intervention, I had to stare at the screen, at most, 30cm from the screen without glasses, now if I stretched my arm and touched the screen, I still can read everything on the screen (17inch @ 1024*768). When I increase the resolution (1600*1024) I still can read everything from an arms distance, but it's not very comfortable - the text is all blurry and I have to concentrate a lot for it to be sharp.

Now I don't seem to need my eye drops as often, only if I work on the PC for 4 hours (or more) or watch 2 movies in a row for example [yes I need to use the computer a lot, especially for programing, since this is my study area]. Now I use them when I wake, after lunch (sometimes), and after dinner.

Anyone going trough the same experience?
I'll report back in a few weeks or if anything changes.
Good luck to you all :-)
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Re: Hyperopia Lasik - 3 Month out

Postby lex » Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:06 pm

dstepp or any hyperopic there,

Sorry if i flood this forum with hyperopic post, i wonder if anyone who had it can post any new info or answer some of my questions.
I am at 3 month mark and i feel some sort of dry eye, the eyelids never stuck and i feel some times stinging, but most of the times it just seems i wear contact lenses, hard contact lenses.

Since i had surgery i treated a supposed blepharitis for 20 days, i had a burning feelings that s gone. when there is normal flow of tears (now most of the time) i feel confortable and the vision get its best, due to a MGD some times when i blink tightly i get a blurry vision, blinking again gets a clear vision (this goes on till lunch time), i think is an evidence that my tears are unbalanced.

I dont take restasis and i dont have any plugs, just artificial tears 6x a day, some days 3x, some others 8x.

Anyone have had this dry eye feeling?

Does anyone could notice the regression in these period of time? (i mean visually, not getting a refration) and how long it could be noticeable after 3 month?

please, any comments?
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