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Postby JasonB » Sat Jun 07, 2008 9:45 am

Hi i just wanted to share with you my story since i know there are not too much hyperopic stories around here.

First off i have to say that i live in italy, and that here the most part of the surgeons have a preference for the PRK and that basically in all the hospitals they only do PRK since they think is much more safer for the eyes.

Let me tell you what was my prescription : I had +3.25 of hyperopia and +1.75 of astigmatism....or i could also say that i was +5 and -1.75 if you are more familiar with the negative cylinder way of writing the prescription.

So there we go for the surgery...i go to the best center in italy with the better tech and everything...and since i have much better than normal corneal thickness they told me i was a perfect candidate for the PRK i go for it...and they perform me the PRK and immediatly after the surgery i can see incredibly sharp and was incredible...but i also could see that i was seeing with a pretty big fact, i then found out the the surgeon to compensate the regression over corrected me of about +1.75 so that after the surgery my prescription was -1.75 of myopia and no was like having a supervision in the near distance...but it was a little bit annoying because i could not see well in the far distance.

So there we go i was thinking that maybe the surgeon did over corrected my too much...but god if i was wrong...because with the regression and everything, i ended up with a prescription of -0.25 in both eyes with no astigmatism...and my vision is fantastic because this little myopia gives me an advantage in the near vision and means that the calculations of my surgeon where rigth...and this will also fight the future presbyopia even if now i am young....i couldn't be more happy than i am.

I may also add that i have been living in the usa for about a year for working reasons, and that i also went there to make a couple of consultations to a couple of different centers but one thing that discouraged me from doing it in the usa is that everyone wanted to do lasik but i didn't want to have a corneal flap on my eyes...and another thing, was that they all told me since i was hyperopic i would have had a big regression with possible coming back of my refractive error so that i would have need of touch ups in the future and this is why lasik was better in their opinion...but thankfully i did found out a doctor who was able to make the right calculations and to over correct me enough to compensate the regression.
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Postby LasikExpert » Sat Jun 07, 2008 3:38 pm

Congratulations on your excellent result! Hyperopia (farsighted, longsighted) correction is much more challenging and it does seem you found a surgeon who got it spot on.

For those interested in more details, our article on deliberate overcorrection for regression may be helpful.
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Postby isa » Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:41 pm

hi jason
I am also hyperopic +4.25
how old r u?
was that your prescription with the eye drops or the manifest?
and how is your vision right now?
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Postby Paul » Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:58 pm

Thanks for sharing.

I am 4 weeks post op with -0.75 / -0.25 overcorrection. I will possibly require an enhancement - but I am fine with that.

Can you tell us how long it took for your regression to kick in? How about halo and starburst?
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